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Grepolis | Play MMO of the Year 2012 for FREE

Grepolis 2.0 was announced the MMO of the year 2012. This is free-to-play war browser game that is played by hundreds of thousands of players world-wide. Grepolis is played in water worlds, with scattered islands around with 10-ish cities on each. You are general in attempt to spread your empire across the whole world, and defeat all the enemies.

grepolis 2.0 play war browser game free
If you are fan of online strategies, then you simply must have heard about Grepolis 2.0. If you didn't, then this is great opportunity to learn more about this awesome free-to-play browser war game, which was, imagine that, the MMO of the year 2012. I will try to explain the basics of the gameplay and to lead you through the steps you need to take to fortify your starting position, build up strong city, from which you will be able to take more colonies, and dominate the world.

Have in mind that this is strategy, and if you are in hurry, then probably, you should consider some casual game (I strongly suggest atWar, which is turn-based fast paced war game, played on realistic world map).

Grepolis surely isn't for those with short fuse, and who don't wont to spend hours of planning attacks. It is time-consuming, but with nice ahead planning, you can have both: account and real-life.

grepolis  2.0 mmo year 2012 best browser war game

Grepolis: a short introduction

What do you have to know about this MMO of the year 2012, before you start playing it. What is it that makes Grepolis 2.0 different from other similar browser strategies? Lets see...

Grepolis 2.0 isn't without the reason one of the most massively played MMOs there online. Even the fact that it has been announces as the MMO of the year 2012 speaks something about the game. First of all lets say it is free-to-play war game. The action is placed in ancient Greek times, in time of Greek Polises .

You actually start as a "Mayor" of one of those Polises. It is a village at the beginning, but you get enough time to build it up to great city, which can store hundreds of your troops ready to conquer other cities. All cities in Grepolis are settled  on islands, which are scattered around in wast oceans. For that reason you will have to use war ships and transports in almost every battle. But this is far from JUST naval warfare. Land troops have greater impact, and they are the core of your empire.

In Grepolis 2.0, there are dozens of worlds. At the moment, more than 60 worlds are active. Every world is story for itself: different alliances, different players, number of players, troop speed, conquest system etc. There are plenty of different words to suit everyone's taste.

Have in mind that you can't play solo. Players without alliances sink too fast. You need to have protection of the friends in case of the attack, and also extra firepower when you go for the enemy city. Read more about Alliances in Grepolis 2.0 after the link.

How can I start playing this MMO: Grepolis 2.0?

Well, this is simple. There is a small banner on the top of this article, and you can log in to the game from there. Simple click on the image and in less than 2 minutes you are in you first village, ready to build first building in it.

Before you start logging in, you should know that you can choose an of the active worlds to play in. Newer versions are always better ones. Also, you are given the option to choose the side of the world to start on (east, west, north etc.). I don't recommend starting in the center of the map. Any other option is better than that one. 

Please use my referral link (within that image) to join. It will help me a lot. Thank you!

grepolis 2.0 mmo year 2012 free to play browser strategy

First steps in Grepolis 2.0. Ultimate guide to survival in this MMO of the year 2012!

Now that you have settled on the nice sandy shore on one of the islands, you need to think and act fast to survive. You are like little turtle now, and have in mind that only 25% of all turtles survive to adultery. This free-to-play MMO is all about the survival of the fittest! Learn how to grow your city fast!

You start with one city that has only couple building in it. This city has only 200 points. Don't worry, for the first five days you cannot be attacks, as you are protected as a beginner. Use this time to build as many building in your city and to transform it into the largest city on island. This way you can be sure no one from the island will attack you. They will choose someone who is a bit weaker.

How to do that? It is all about the strategy and planning ahead. Lets take a look at the image below.

grepolis 2.0 free to play mmo placed in ancient times

This is building view, and it shows you which buildings you can build in Senate. Senate is the central building in your city, and you manage all the construction there. Here, on this image you can see all the buildings available to you for building, so there is no need for me to write all down. Every one of them have some prerequisites. For example, you need to have senate at lvl 8, farm at lvl 10 and barracks at lvl 6 to be able to build an academy.

I will make it easier for you by telling you what do you need to focus on in order to reach the level where you can build colony ship and sail off to conquer an other settlement. There is no point in random actions when you play this browser free-to-play war game. Grepolis 2.0 is all about strategy and planning your actions ahead. It goes pretty much in depth, and that is, I guess, one of the reasons Grepolis was announced the MMO of the year 2012.

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Check out your prerequisites for harbor and academy, because those two building are the ones you will need fast. To build up a colony ship (ship needed for colonization and conquests)  you will need harbor at lvl 20 and academy at lvl 22. Try to build your resource buildings (timber camp, quarry and silver mines) to at least lvl 16 in order to receive enough resources for building. You will need mostly stone for harbor and academy, so try to push your quarry up to lvl 20 if you can. An other necessary building is warehouse. You need to have warehouse which can store 10k of each materials in order to build colony ship at the end.

In short this is what you need to focus on in first few days.
I won't lie you. It will take days before you can build colony ship. But  once you reach that level, everything will go a lot smoother. And then, the action starts.

grepolis 2.0 best browser srategy of year 2012

Grepolis 2.0 ultimate survival guide. Academy and its importance in this free-to-play browser war game

Academy is place where you do all the researches. Know which researches are the most important at the beginning of your conquest path in this MMO of the year 2012!

With every new level in academy, you receive 4 research points. Some researches require a lot more than 4 points (8, 10, 12 points). You should know that you can't research them all in one city. You will have to choose your priorities. I am here to help you, a new play in wast MMO world of Grepolis 2.0: free to play browser war game, placed in ancient world.

It is essential to research archers and hoplites right in the beginning, to be able to build your defense. You can expect first attacks after 5 days in the game, and you must prevail in this crucial period. Don't let your neighbors to come to your city and take all the resources when ever they want that.

Next important research is ceramics.  This provides space for extra 2500 resources (each).
City guard is also important research. Gives you ability to call your citizens in help with defending the city.
Architecture lowers resources needed for the construction of every building in senate for 10%.
Crane increases speed needed for the construction of every building in senate for 10%.

Now you can aim for the colony ship, which is available at academy lvl 22. Spare your resources and skip other researches in order to get to lvl 22 as fast as you can.

grepolis 2.0 best strategy free to play year 2012

Grepolis 2.0 ultimate beginner's guide | Voila, you have colony ship built. What now?

Grepolis is war browser game: completely free-to-play. It was announces the MMO of the year 2012. Learn how to take your first settlement in this online strategy game with this simple guide!

There are few options. You can pick some free anchor point on your island, or some of the surrounding islands. You can also pick one of the ghost (deserted) towns to conquer. You can also, attack real enemy. The latter is good choice if you have help from your friends. This way you can choose some already fully built cities and take them. You then can start building army immediately, instead of building city from point zero.

Colony ship needs to be accompanied with few troops and few light ships to be able to colonize.  If you decide to go against one active player, I suggest you to send LOTS of ships and troops with your colony ship. It won't landed, until the last enemy troop is killed.

One more thing about colonization. In grepolis 2.0 there are two types of world when it comes to colonization. One type uses revolt for conquest. This means that you have to first start revolt in enemy city, then wait 12 hours (revolt turns red, then) to land you colony ship.

In the other type of worlds, you go for the conquest directly. This means that you, firstly, land colony ship, and then put all the defense you have in the conquered city, to protect it for next 24 hrs (during this time-frame, city can be returned to previous owner if he manages to kill CS).

This is all. When you manage to take your second settlement, you are pro already. ;)

Grepolis 2.0: CONCLUSION on this MMO of the year 2012: 

Final word on this free-to-play browser war strategy game, placed in ancient times. 

Are you ready to try Grepolis 2.0 out? It is intense, not easy to play at all, but war browser MMO worth of trying (definitely). This great and famous online strategy placed in ancient times will make you addicted to it in no time. For those who get addicted easily, I recommend to think twice before joining Grepolis community. You have been warned. :)

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Discovero | Blog For Geeks Home Page

Welcome to Discovero's home page. This is an ultimate blog for geeks, with posts about online games, PC games, online writing, end more.

Welcome to Discovero | Blog For Geeks. Here you can find various topics to read about: from online games and PC games to writing platforms and ways to make money online. I am fan of online games: MMO, strategies, city builder simulations etc. If you are anything like me, you will find this blog useful. I hope so.

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Rising Cities (new city builder): Presenting Weekly Events

Weekly events in rising cities (the newest city builder simulation game) bring lots of fun, new buildings, experience points, city credits and more to you, making it easier to build up a magnificent city. Collect vegetables, beams, or wood in required amount, and earn free items in return. I am walking you through weekly events in Rising Cities, and explaining your what those actually are, and what are they useful for.

Did you hear about rising cities. For those who are new to it, I will just say that Rising Cities is new, cute city builder simulation game by Bigpoint played completely in browser. For more information about the game, please follow the link. One of the key parts of the game are these weekly events. They are great addition to the whole playing experience, adding new and fun competing tasks every weekend. Lets see what is this all about.

rising cities free browser city builder simulation game
PLAY Rising Cities for FREE now!

What are the weekly events for in Rising Cities?

Every weekly event brings you extra experience points, city credits, production points, and building permits for buildings.

Friday is the day for beginning new quests in Rising Cities. This is the day when new event comes to event plaza. Prepare basic products for new quests, to be able to complete new assignments in given time. You get 72 hours to finish five different deliveries to event plaza. With every successful delivery you earn some city credits, production points, eperience points, and with final delivery you earn new building permit.

In most cases, building permits are assigned for rare buildings, so it is really important to participate in these weekly events if you are planning about becoming mayor of great, urbanized, metropolis.

As I said, there are five steps in every event. For every step, you need to make deliveries of two kinds of products. First step requires, mostly, beams and lumber. Second step requires, mostly, tomatoes and beams. Next three steps will require more of your involvement to be fulfilled. You will have to collect new items (carrots, bears, trash, trees etc.). These new items require more time for delivery, so it is important to finish first two steps in event in short time. Thus, I recommend you to start collecting beams, tomatoes and potatoes on Monday. This way you will be ready for event, and you could finish first two steps in less than one hour.

rising cities weekly events free city builder

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What happens if I don't finish all five steps in weekly event?

Does it mean all my progress and all my rewards in previous steps are lost?

If you, lets say, manage to deliver all products required in first three steps, and you don't manage to finish 4th and 5th step, you will still have right to keep the rewards from those three steps. So, this means that you don't have to finish all tasks in one weekly event in this city builder simulation game, to gain the rewards. You will be rewarded for your progress no matter how small or great it was.

No matter how busy you are, you have opportunity to earn valuable rewards for ANY delivery you make. Isn't Rising Cities just the cutest browser city builder?

rising cities weekly event free to ply browser simulation

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Cities XL | Build Magnificent Cities With Best City Builder Game

Cities XL is something really special. It goes beyond famous SimCity, and brings a lot more realistic world, huge building areas (maps), online playing as well as the offline, curved roads etc. Cities XL really gives you endless possibilities to build a magnificent city. I am not exaggerating if I say that this is the best city builder game at the moment.

What is Cities XL? Every fan of city builder (city manager) games should already know about this game. It is next generation of Monte Cristo's City Life: the game that was similar to SimCity, but far behind it in graphics, reality, in-depth development... After it was released in E3 2009, Cities XL was something really big. Everyone knew this is going to be the best city builder game online. It is actually the most realistic simulation of city development I know.

cities xl curved roads street view suburbs

Reviewing population of Cities XL

There are four social classes in this city builder. You, as a mayor of huge metropolis will have to find a balance between them in order to preserve peace and smooth going city.

Yes, four social classes of citizens in each of your magnificent cities. Those are: unskilled workers, skilled workers, executives and elite. Every of those classes have different desires. Heavy industry and small workshops will require unskilled workers to run full capacity, but of course, elite will choose only high-rise office building to work in.

While unskilled workers will require only playgrounds, gazebos and small police stations/health facilities/fire houses for remaining calm, you will have to invest a lot more to keep the other social classes happy. This is fun, cuz it makes the game a bit more complicated in compare to SimCity genre, where traffic was mostly the only concern your had while playing that simulation of city building.

best city builder simulation game huge maps

Cities XL brings curved roads in, which makes your cities look even more magnificent!

Curved roads bring personal touch to your city, isn't that right, mayor? Cities with curved roads were only a desire before this game came in, and that is why Cities XL are so important in the evolution of city building simulation games.

I was huge fan of SimCity, especially of its fourth edition. But there was one thing that was missing: I wasn't able to lay roads down the way I wanted. I had to be straight down, and no curves were allowed. Well, that is boring. That was every city was looking the same.

When Cities XL was released I was thrilled. And when I tested those awesome curved roads, I was overwhelmed. Boy, the possibilities are endless now. You have freedom to make intersection in the manner only you wish, lay the underground road, make viaducts. In the sense, whatever and where ever you want your road to be.

How important this is, can tell the fact that new SimCity (five, 5, 2013) is implementing curved streets as well.
Now we can build streets uphills too. It is easier, looks more natural, and I always loved those parts of cities that are located on the hills. You can now build your own Barcelona, or Rome, Rio...

With curves there come many other possibilities of street construction. You can build tunnels where ever you want them (even on flat terrain), you have dozens of types of bridges. You can play with levels too. For example you can build one road 5 meters above the ground as a overpass, and lay one, or more roads to pass under that road, so you don't need to intersect them. This is great for controlling traffic jams.

Monte Cristo, thank you for these curved streets!

Buy Cities XL, Cities XL 2011 and Cities XL 2012 on Amazon and PLAY it NOW:

What is so great about maps and terrain in Cities XL?

Oh, boy! When you look at those screenshots in this article, can you see how HUGE these cities are? This is second the best feature in this city builder: really huge maps for building awesome grandiose cities.

cities xl magnificent city best city builder game

These great maps can hold up up to tens millions citizens. Not only that they are big, but also there is a whole bunch of different types of terrains. You can choose to build your city in desert. Maybe you are more like "Aspen" type of city builder. I prefer those on big rivers or coastal cities. I love to build cities with long beaches, where I will have opotunity to focus on tourism more than on the industry. Green cities are much more appealing than those industrial.

What is sure, is that you will have plenty of space to play around. Maps are really huge, and you won't be forced to avoid building big parks, squares and recreational areas in order to push your metropolis to one million citizens.

Rising Cities: New City Building Browser Game | Simulation of Real City
Rising Cities is the new browser game launched by German Bigpoint. It is free to play city building game: the best browser real city simulation game at the moment. It is cute, dynamic, multilevel paradise for SimCity lovers. You are put in the position of a mayor to control wide aspects of city's economy, industry, citizens' satisfaction and more.
This allows you to build nice wide low residential areas, or suburbs. This is what makes this simulation game even more realistic. Remember SimCity and it maps? After only week or two of playing you have the city that starts with high rise tenements, and no place for houses at all. In Cities XL you can actually build nice calm suburban areas, and still have huge residential and shopping districts.

The 3D view from the edge of the map on the city is just magnificent.
Have fun, and build it big!

Transportation and traffic control in Cities XL

There are few types of transportation cervices in this city builder simulation: trains, airplanes, ferries, subways and buses. Use them wisely and with more control than ever to manage ever growing traffic problems in Cities XL!

Aside from these, they have announced to put few more transportation services in the game: trams and bicycles. What amazed the most, when I sit to play it for the first time, was the fact that you can draw out your own desired bus lines.

In other similar city builder simulators you can only go to placing individual stops in the streets, and without plotting the bus lines. In most of games you can't even place the bus stops, but they are included in the roads. So you are simply laying down the roads, and bus transportation comes with it.

Well, now you have more freedom to manage bus transportation, which is the most important commuting service in your city. You fist need to place one big but station, which can support designated number of buses. Starting from that station, you go and draw your first bus line following the streets you want. You can even decide the specific location of every bus stop. After you finish with creating your first bus line, you can go on working with the second, third, fourth etc.

There is an overview window for every single bus route in your city. It tells you what is the percentage of the use, what money does it cost you, is it more used in morning hours, or in the afternoon... You can then see if this line covers your citizens' needs, or not. I LOVE IT!.

cities xl 2012 2011 transportation bus system

Cities  XL: Why is it the best city builder game? THE CONCLUSION:

What more there is to be said, except that Cities XL brought many new features which made it the best city builder simulation.
Curved roads, great new transportation features, awesome bridges, huge maps, endless playing experience, hundreds of buildings available to you and more, and more, and more. Cities XL and its upgrades: Cities XL 2011 and 2012 are creating new brand that will live for long time, that is for sure.

There are many more features that deserve to have been told about in this article, but there is so little place for all of them. Lets save something for next post, OK?

cities xl 2011 2012 huge maps city builder

cities xl 2011 2012 road view transportation

More interesting games:

cities xl 2011 2012 streets view city builder

cities xl 2011 2012 panoramic view magnificent city

I hope this info was helpful. Please rate it, and share it with your friends. Thank you!

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Wizzley: How To Write Stunning Article That Will Earn Money!

Did you decide to try Wizzley out? You need few tips for starting your first page (wizz) on this web2.0 blogging platform? Here you can find everything you need to know about how to write a great article on Wizzley and earn money from it in no time.

Wizzley write articles and earn money
Wizzley is relatively new web2.0 blogging platform created in best tradition of Squidoo and HubPages. It is, also, one of the best revenue sharing writing communities online. Google loves it, and your articles have great chance to rank high in Google search. The only thing that stands between that and failure is the knowledge: how to create stunning articles on Wizzley that will actually earn you money?

Wizzley really is an excellent place to write, and to be writer. With its friendly community, easy and cute interface, excellent revenue sharing policy, this blogging platform is becoming the one place you have to be on if you think to succeed in online publishing. You can read more about Wizzley in this section: What is so great about Wizzley?

How to Write a Stunning Article?

You need to write about things your readers would like to read about. Quality and abundance of information is something your articles must have. And remember: quality and originality is what Google appreciates the most.

wizzley write wizzes earn money


Every writer seeks for new tips on how to write better, and how to rank higher on search engines. There are plenty sources online to teach you that. I would like to explain some standard principles you should know before you write your first article/page/wizz on Wizzley. Folks who run this cool writing platform are very strict when it comes to publishing content there.

No plagiarism is allowed! Only original content can be published. They tend to meet all Google's TOS. And that is why Google loves them. That is why we all love to write there: published articles rank high on search engines, and they do it fast!

Earn money with wizzley by writing
Your article must be informative. Don't let your readers leave the page without getting the information they came for. Try to write more than 400 words. Wizzley asks for less that 400 words, but it will only serve you if you make extra effort. Long wizzes will have extra chance to get on first page for certain keywords.

Try using as many writing tools from your right editing menu as possible. Place some images, polls, quizzes, duels, and other tools inside wizzes, to make it more fun and reader friendly. This way you will be able to track readers' interests, engagement...

Write about something new, something that no one has written about. It is hard to find such topic among billions of pages on the Internet. But, at least, we can try to do it when it comes to writing platforms we write on. If, for example, you decide to write about Prometheus, the movie, and it happens there is already a wizz about it; I suggest you try writing about something else. Or, at least, contact the writer of original article about the Prometheus, and propose cooperation. What do I want to say is this: you write different review of the movie (something from your own angle) and later you and other wizzer just interlink those two articles. This will boost traffic to both articles, and will avoid the possibility of being ignored by Google. You can see the examples here:

Psychology and Pseudo-Science in Ridley Scott's Prometheus
This article is a review of Prometheus written from different angle, and there is a link inside, pointing to a specific chapter of similar article:
Movie Review of Prometheus

I always point out the importance of knowing and implementing the basics of HTML. Use it to style your page a bit up, to make few SEO tricks...I use HTML where ever I can: creating anchor text, changing paragraph background, adding H tags, placing adds, making excerpts,... I strongly suggest you try to learn basics of HTML and CSS. It is not hard at all. You can try out these guides for beginners on Amazon (look below).


What do you need to start making money on Wizzley?

You want to earn some money from your wizzes? Now that you know how to create quality page on Wizzley, next step would logically be to learn about what to do to make it earn you some money.


This article publishing directory has many tools to help you and them earn as much cash from your wizzes as possible. Wizzley uses various affiliate programs to host their ads. When your reader clicks on some of those ads, or buys a product behind the affiliate link, you get fair 50% percent of the revenue.

That is right: they share all the money earned by those affiliate partners 50/50 with you. You can see the list of affiliate partners in this article: Earn the money on Wizzley with these affiliate partners!.

You have to choose which affiliate partner suits you the best. I personally combine Amazon, AdSense and Zazzle, and I am not regretting it yet. It is up to you!

Update your articles on Wizzley frequently!

It is important to proof-reed your wizzes from time to time, to check if there is something your should correct, or maybe update it with new information, or your links have expired. Forgotten article is not earning money for you!


Wizzley: Update Articles Frequently
It happens a lot that some of your links to products on Amazon, Zazzle... just become dead. Someone could've removed the products from the landing page. This means that if you have a possible buyer, their simply won't find what they were looking for. This, also, means you will not earn a penny from that link.

So, take a minute or two to check if everything is running smoothly on your pages.

Some info might be old now, and this too needs your attention. You don't want to be called a dinosaur because you are presenting only the old information. Do you?

Maybe something new came to your mind months after you've published some text, and guess what: you could simple add it to related article. Every related content is welcome!

Wizzley: How To Write Stunning Article That Will Earn Money! CONCLUSION!

Have in mind that the content is more important than the amount of ads and affiliate links in your pages! You won't earn dime if you write about something that has no value, and that has nothing to offer your readers, no matter if you put 100 affiliate links in the text. But, one link per one high quality page can earn you nice amount of money. So, the lesson from above is the most important in this article.  Learn how to write a stunning wizz before you grow hope of earning anything there!

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I hope this post was useful! If you need any info, feel free to ask in comment section!
Thank you!

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