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Wizzley: Write Articles and Earn Money with Cutest Web2.0 Blogging Platform

Wizzley is the cutest Web2.0 writing platform. It offers you not only the chance to share your knowledge and passions with the rest of the world, but also to earn the money by writing articles. This is small review of the Wizzley: I am sharing the tips about this cute blogging platform that offers you great dofollow links, friendly community, cute interface, instant indexing on Google and a lot more.

Wizzley write articles and earn money
Click on image to join Wizzley
Did you hear about Wizzley: the coolest writing platform? This is relatively new article submission directory, that offers you some cool writing features, and the possibility to earn money while sharing your interests and knowledge with its community and whole Internet. Wizzley has been created by the guys who were behind Squidoo and Hubpages for a long time before they've decided to make something new and improved. It brings all the best from Squidoo and Hub, but also brings a lot of new features. Stay tuned...

Wizzley: what is that great about this Web2.0 writing platform?

What is that makes Wizzley different from other blogging platforms? Is it just dofollow links, or is it something else? 

Wizzley is the product of rich experience of its creators. This magnificent crew worked on famous Squidoo and Hubpages before they have decided to gather up and invest that experience on something that will be cherished by readers, writers and search engines.

wizzley writing platform blogging
They have succeeded.  Since I logged in to this cute blogging platform, I got so addicted, that I am writing articles there for more than a year now. I have met the members of this now large community, and I can say they are friendly, smart and funny group of people. They will share their tricks, ideas and secrets with you with such an ease, you will feel so much accepted and loved.

Wizzley is the place which mustn't be missed by any online writer if their think to be heard loudly. Wizzley's community is growing fast, and the amount of readers to your articles will be a great surprise to you.

I have already mentioned the doFollow links that Wizzley offers. You can place two such links into every article you write. nothing bad will happen if you add a few more, if the situation requires them. Every link to outside location should be meaningful, and must offer additional valid information for your reader, about the topic you are writing about.

Wizzley: article submission directory

Write on Wizzley! Instant indexing on Google, great amount of readers and more...

Google loves this article submission directory. If you offer quality reading content, your articles will rank high on search engines.

At first, when you log in to Wizzley, you will be put on test. Your articles will be reviewed in depth in order for them to be sure you are the writer that can offer quality reading material for their visitors. First five articles (wizzes) of yours will be reviewed and then approved if they meat their policy. If not, you will be contacted with the request to change certain specified parts of text in order for it to be published.

In this period (while you have less than five published wizzes) all links you put will be marked as noFollow. From article number six and on, you will be marked as trusted fellow writer, your links will turn doFollow, and every article will be instantly indexed on Google and other search engines.

How to write stunning article on Wizzley that will earn you money?
It is all about quality on Wizzley. Learn how to write stunning high quality wizzes that will actually earn you money! Follow these simple tips!
Isn't that great thing? You don't have to wait forever to see your work ranked on Google. The other great thing is that Google really lover Wizzley. This is the result of the great work on quality control that is being done by its founders. Only excellent articles will be accepted and published, and Google appreciates it. Thus, you are rewarded with higher ranking position on this and other search engines.

Don't you already love this online publishing community?
Why don't you join Wizzley now and start earning money?

Earn money with wizzley and affiliates

Earn money on Wizzley with affiliate partners.

This online publishing community supports Amazon Associates, Google AdSense, Chitica, Zazzle and few other affiliate programs. Write, have fun and earn money on cutest writing platform!

Which affiliate partners does Wizzley support? This is the list: Amazon Associates, Google AdSense, Chitica, Zazzle, AllPoster, VigLink.

An other awesome news is that you earn 50% of revenue share! Yep, they generously leave you 50% of money for every purchase your reader makes on any of those associate partners.

I had a great experience with AdSense on this article submission directory. It brought me nice amount of money. Almost 50% of all the AdSense revenue I get from my articles and blogs, comes from there.

I also have a Zazzle and Amazon account, and I use their services a lot within my articles.  I must admit I was surprised how great they worked on Wizzley.

If you bring referrals to Wizzley, you get chance to earn 10 % of whatever the money they earn trough the mentioned affiliates.Really, there is no way you miss this good opportunity to have both: fun and the money!

Have a full control over your articles

Wizzley offers you full insight in the statistics of your pages (wizzes). Monitor daily, weekly and monthly traffic. Get the sources of visits, keywords and nice pie-graph traffic overview.

Wizzley online publishing community earn money

On My Pages tab within your profile information, you can track every information about all of your wizzes. You can see the date of creation, last editing, Wizzley rank of the article, number of comments, likes, cumulative, daily, weekly and monthly traffic information...

Why don't you connect your account with Google Analytics to get even more info? Yes, you can do that. Search for Google Analytics ID box under your settings tab. Place your ID there, and voila!

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Conclusion about Wizzley: the cutest Web2.0 writing platform:

It is a great place to write and earn money on. Excellent choice for doFollow links for your blog too. Not only that you will have fun there, but you will learn a lot from its community. Members of Wizzley community are friendly, funny, always available to help you and advise you. If you write, this is place you must try out!

Enjoy and cheers!

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Friday, January 18, 2013

atWar (Afterwind): How to Earn Strategy Points (SP) Faster?

AtWar (previously known as Afterwind) is strategy turn-based war game, similar to Risk and Civilization. You are in a role of a general and you can move trough ranks (0-15) earning yourself respect and admiration. Strategy points are part of reward system in atWar. Learn how to earn Strategy Points faster!

Strategy Points are points which you earn after a played match in atWar: the free-to-play browser war game played on realistic world map. The amount of earned SPs depends on many factors (length of the match, numbers of destroyed units, did you destroy an enemy general, did you play defensive or offensive game...). One thing is for sure: the more fight you give, the more Strategy Points you will earn. But, is it the only thing you can do to earn SPs? There are few possible ways to earn Strategy Points faster.

atWar: Earn More Strategy Points Fast
Play atWar FOR FREE now!

Learn about ranking system in atWar (what are the strategy points used for):

Strategy points are needed for ranking up, but also they are needed for buying upgrades for your troops and General.

Strategy points (SP) are quite simple reward system in atWar, which gives the player the aim, while playing this strategy browser game. SP are points you earn for destroying enemy units, enemy general, for capturing enemy cities, etc. The more battle you give, the more strategy points you earn. And the more SP you earn in the game, the faster you move through the ranks.

There are 15 ranks, and you need to reach specific number of SP to earn the next higher rank. Every new rank requires more points, which means that when you reach rank 7, or 8, it will take you few weeks, later even months of playing, to earn next higher rank.

It is then, understandable why players seek how to earn strategy points in atWar (formerly known as Afterwind) fast.

An other usage of strategy points in this risk-like browser war game is for buying the upgrades. You can use SP to buy an improvements for you general and every single troops. Every upgrade requires specific amount of SP, so choose wisely. You can check the list of upgrades in atWar (Afterwind) right here:
How to Afterwind: What Are the Best Upgrades?

atwar free-to-play browser game premium packages

Buy atWar's PREMIUM features to earn Strategy Points fast!

Even so atWar is free-to-play browser war game, premium features bring a lot to the game. You, definitely, have more chances to win with these.

AtWar is free-to-play browser war game, created in the best tradition of Risk and Civilization. This means, you can play it completely free, with no required download, either. But, if you want to experience its full potential, and to become respected general, you will have to think about buying some of the premium packages.

On the picture above you can see which premium packages exist in this risk-like game. So, you can buy either full package, or just the package with SP discounts, or with exclusive weapons, or any other of those offered above.

The math is simple here. Premium features gives you opportunity to have a general, and all upgrades that come with him. He adds lots of power and mobility to your units, making them stronger and with wider range. It is a lot easier to win with premium features on. So, it is obvious that those will help you earn strategy points faster.

Definitely, premium packages will help you earn strategy points (SP) faster.

You can make a purchase using your PayPal, credit card, or via SMS service. 

atWar: Invite Users (Friends) to Earn More Strategy Points

Invite your friends to atWar (Afterwind) to help you earn Strategy Points faster!

Indeed, friends can help a lot here. Every new played invited to atWar through your link brings you extra SP. Why not try it? You can earn significant amount of SP this way. 


I started using this method to improve my SP income, and to be honest, this is the best method to do it, so far. Share your link to atWar games through e-mail, forum posts, articles about this awesome strategy browser game, or write blog post (like I did here).

Here is what administrators there say about this method:
atWar is more fun when played with friends! Introduce them to the game and get half of the SP they earn in the first week! Don't worry, it won't be deducted from their points. Additionally, your friends will get 100 SP after registration, to get them started! Max. reward for each introduced friend is 5000 SP.
More interesting links about atWar:

atwar afterwind premium packages features

Play duels is you want to earn Strategy Points faster in atWar

Did you know that duel can earn you extra SP? Well, now you do, so there is no reason no to try this method out!

This is really effective way to gain SP faster. You can challenge an other play while playing team game on (lets say) world map, or you can create duel games for two players. If you beat your opponent you earn extra points which are added to SP already gained in battles.

Your opponent will loose some amount of strategy points, so it makes it double gain, I guess. ㋡

I hope you have found this post about How to Earn Strategy Points (SP) Faster useful. If so, please share it, and leave a comment. Thank you!

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Friday, January 11, 2013

Grepolis 2.0: Browser War Game Placed in Ancient Times

Grepolis 2.0 is one of the best real-time browser war games. It has been rewarded as the best European MMO game of the year 2012. Grepolis is placed in ancient times when Gods were the rulers of seas and land. Become part of large community of sea warriors in over 60 worlds that exist in this free-to-play browser war game.

Play Grepolis 2.0: a browser war game set in Antiquity.

Become a ruler of a mighty alliance, and lead it to the victory trough fierce  naval and land battles. Crush the enemy and take all the cities on the map for yourself! 

This game is the one you simply have to try. I am sure you will love it. You start with a small village on one of islands in one of many sea worlds that exist in Grepolis. You, then, have to build up your city to a mighty Polis, which then can build up a mighty army of soldiers and divine mythological creatures. Use those to conquer your neighboring cities, and to rule the ancient worlds.

grepolis 2.0 browser real time war game

Grepolis is real time strategy war game. This means that you cannot stop the game at any moment. You cities can be attacked and conquered no matter if you are online or not. This makes it a bit more challenging in compare to some casual turn-based strategy games (like AtWar).

What is so good in playing Grepolis?

Grepolis as all but superficial and easy game. You have to work on your own conquest strategy and work together with your alliance-mates, in order to "survive" this browser war game.

Grepolis is not about "log in, play, attack, log out"; it has its depth, and requires lots of planning, building of the strategy, putting yourself in the shoes of your opponents, cooperating with your team fellows... Above all, it is a team game. You cannot win it alone, and you will need to gather up a team of players who will work together with you on clearing the regions and the whole oceans of enemy cities.

The whole lot more fun comes when you  become a ruler of 5 or more cities. At some stadium you will have more than 100 cities, with indescribable military power. You are then in position to state your demands, control the game with few other players who are as powerful as you are... Diplomacy is one of the key features in game. Trading territories, declaring war, peace or even PACTS is what makes this game realistic.

Alliance system in Grepolis 2.0

Teaming up with your neighbors makes you more powerful. Well organized alliances where dozens of members attack as if they are one, are those who will stand throughout the whole war.

Alliances are one of key figures in every Grepolis' world. Every ocean has hundreds of alliances, but only few of them (10-ish) are those who actually have power to destroy it and rearrange it the way the want. Whatever happens between those alliances will determine the destiny of everyone in that specific world (one of over 60 worlds in Grepolis).

One alliance is made of dozens, if not hundreds, of players. Every player have a rank given to him, which places  him in a certain position within that alliance.  You can be a founder, co-founder, leader, war general of specific world area ruled by your alliance, recruit officer... Prove yourself in team play and organizing missions, and you will be moving up in hierarchy in no time.

One alliance in Grepolis 2.0 is similar to a state in real world. With this comes everything else one state has: diplomacy, trading system, military... Choose your alliance wisely, and fight for it: this alliance is your home now and your destiny in the game depends on its strength.

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grepolis 2.0 build magnificent cities

Grepolis 2.0: Build a magnificent city and stack it with thousand troops ready to conquer more.

This is not only a browser war strategy, but in one hand also a city builder game. Grepolis has covered it all: from City hall, barracks and farms to temple, academy, walls, harbor and more.

At the beginning, you have one little village, and you start building structures in it. City hall is what you get for start. All other building you need to build up. Some require specific conditions to be met (other buildings at certain level, research in Academy...). Every building has more levels, and with every higher level it does its job faster and costs less. Barracks give you more troops, and troops of different kind if leveled up.

The city is the base for you army and the place where you can train it and improve it. After you build up your home town, you can start founding or conquering neighboring cities. Do you prefer to have whole island for yourself, or to spread your empire across the whole ocean? It as all up to you, really.

Build a magnificent army and start attacking your enemies. Conquer enemy cities through the battle.

Grepolis 2.0 is all about the warring. Army and navy take the central positions in your empire. Use it to spread your influence across the world.

grepolis 2.0 units barracks war game

There is rich pallette of units you can build in Grepolis. Some of them are land and other are sea units. You can even build divine units which can fly. There are, of course, defensive and attack units. You will probably choose to build only one sort of troops per a city (defensive and offensive cities).

At the beginning you don't have access to all the troops. But later, you can through researches and building upgrades gain access to all of them. Barracks are places where you build land troops and divine units. Harbors are places where you can build transport ships, biremes, triremes...

Build thousands of troops and send them to an enemy city, and capture it. Annex it to your mighty empire!

Grepolis 2.0 conclusion!

In short, what is that makes this real-time browser war game so cool, fun and addicting?

Grepolis is cool, good looking war game played in browser. It is time consuming, team game where you are an admiral and you tend to become the ruler of the seas. Lead your alliance to the victory and become the most fierce military power in your world.

Grepolis is a bit of city builder too, but the emphasize is on your military, and conquest. This is an ultimate browser war game set in ancient times of Greek Polis. That it is worth of trying shows the fact that Grepolis was elected for the best MMO of the years 2011 and 2012.

So, what are you waiting for?
Go on and try it! Make your first steps in Grepolis 2.0 with this simple ultimate beginners guide!

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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

atWar: Conquer World Map with Guerrilla Warfare Strategy

atWar: the best browser free-to-play strategy game brings so many playing options that makes it nearly impossible to get bored even after months of playing it. Formerly known as Afterwind, this turn based war game has number of strategies which allow players to put a bit of themselves into the game. One of the most played strategies is Guerrilla Warfare, or GW. Learn how to conquer the world using Guerrilla Warfare.

What is Guerrilla Warfare? It is one of the most used strategies in atWar. It is the second most popular strategy, just after the Sky Menace. Keep reading to see what are the good and what are the bad sides of waring using GW!

Are you new to atWar: the best browsed free-to-play turn-based game?
Find the latest information about atWar: the best risk-like war game on the net. Earlier known as Afterwind, atWar changes its look and improves its interface for better playing experience. Enjoy this turn based strategy created in best tradition of famous Risk and Civilization franchise.
atwar afterwind best strategy game guerrilla warfare
Play atWar for FREE now!

Choose the right countries to play Guerrilla Warfare in atWar.

Right choice of the country is really important. Learn which countries are the best choice for Guerrilla Warfare (GW).

Guerrilla Warfare's main characteristic is low price of troops and of the upkeep. This makes it perfect for third world countries and small countries. So, if you ask me to tell you in short which is the perfect country for this strategy I would tell it is any African country or some Eastern European country. But, again, it depends on starting funds too. So, lets see which state should be your choice in which situation.

They say GW is perfect for games played on Europe map. This is true if you choose to play on Balkans and central Europe. You must keep in mind that troops range is shorten with this strategy, so you need to choose countries which are small and surrounded with many other countries. Balkans and central Europe is thus good choice for you. Of course you won't choose GW if the starting funds are above 5K. If you play 10+K game you will have enough money to choose Perfect defense, or Sky Menace, or any other.

Best choices for starting countries in Europe with guerrilla warfare are: Austria, Serbia, Poland, Denmark.

If you choose to play Africa, which I do not recommend, you should choose some of the countries on western coast: Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Cameroon. I really don't recommend starting in Africa if you play World map. There are many better places to start. But, of all strategies, guerrilla warfare is the best for this continent. It is cheap, allows you to build many troops, and still have steady money flow.

There is one more country that is great choice for this strategy. That is Pakistan. With Pakistan you can take India, Afghanistan, UAE, and Uzbekistan. In next 2 turns you can reach Middle East and Russia. Russia is going to fix your lame income, and Middle-east countries will bring you lot of reinforcements.

 Germany is an other good choice for Guerrilla Warfare players.

atWar: Guerrilla Warfare Troops presentation- marines and militia win the war!

The main troops in this strategy are marines and militia. Subs are improved too for faster transportation of marines.

Every strategy focuses on specific type of troops. In this case "main" troops you will use in your conquest are: marines and militia. They have been improved in ones and weakened in other aspects. In first place, the cost of these troops have been lowered:
marines -70 = 90
militia -20 = 10.

Critical hit point has been improved:
marines +2 = 7,
militia +4 = 4.

The range has been improved too:
marines +1 = 7,
Anti-aircraft +3 = 5,
submarines +1 = 10.

Attack and defense points of militia have been improved by 1.

Attack and defense points of other troops have been lowered by much and other characteristics have been change too. Here is the screenshot of Unit Information window:

atwar guerrilla warfare strategy world map

Good and bad sides of Guerrilla Warfare in atWar (Afterwind)

Learn to know strengths and weaknesses of every strategy that you play in atWar.

Every strategy has its good and bad sides. Some strategies have improved defense, others range and attack points, while third ones are cheap. This particular strategy: Guerrilla Warfare is just that- cheap. It allows you to pick regions on world map with low income, and still to have steady money flow.

atwar strategies browser war gameGuerrilla Warfare allows you to build lots of units, both marines and militia, but the range and cost of transports make those (transports) useless, especially in first few turns. This is why GW is pretty slow, and that is why you need to choose areas with lots of small countries: Balkans, Western Africa, Middle East.

GW is weak in both offense and defense part, but at one point you will be the player with the highest troop count, so this will compensate that weakness. You will be able to stack critical cities with lots of militia if necessary, since militia costs only 10, and has improved range and defense points.

I do not recommend playing world map with GW unless you have ally who played some other strategy with larger unit range.

For me the biggest advantage of Guerrilla Warfare aside from its low cost units is usage of powerful marines who are factor of surprise in critical times of war, when surprise plays big role. You can send lots of marines behind battle lines, deep into the enemy territory and hit his background cities, which are by the rule less defended.

atWar (Afterwind): the conclusion about Guerrilla Warfare.

In short, what do you need to know and never to forget about this strategy? Highlighting the most important facts about this valuable atWar strategy.

So, the bottom line is: GW is cheap, and lets you play areas of the world map with countries which are poor, but offer lots of reinforcements (Balkans, Middle East, Africa, South America). On the other hand, you can build many marines (cost lowered by 90) with the same attack value as it is in other strategies.

Militia is cheaper, stronger in both attack and defense, and has greatly improved unit range.

But, at the beginning it is almost impossible (at least not advisable) to use air nor sea transports. They are expensive, and have shorter range. Units globally are slow, making GW the strategy for Europe map, mostly. One more important thing is that you will probably have more units than other players who are using different strategies. So, GW is all about the quantity and less about the quality.

I hope I was helpful. If you have any question to ask, feel free to leave the comment. Thank you and good luck in your conquest in atWar!

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SimCity (5) 2013: Favorite City Builder Game Goes Online

Every fan of city builder genre knows about SimCity. This is the best game of its kind. After ten years of pause, EA together with Maxis will release new game in early 2013. We all are excited. And this time this is going to be something completely new. SimCity goes online, and puts the emphasize on multi-player aspect of the game. You will have to cooperate with other mayors on major infrastructural, economical and safety projects.

The new SimCity is almost out. SimCity, also known as SC 5 is going online for the first time in its history. You will be able to work together with mayors of surrounding cities in order to bring huge projects to your region. Also, what you do will automatically afflict neighboring cities. So, be careful: high crime rate in your city will surely bring lots of trouble to your neighbors too.

Will you work WITH or AGAINST them?

simcity 5 (2013) goes online, favorite city builder

Maxis is back to SimCity, finally.

After huge failure with SimCity Societies, when EA decided to let an other developer to work on Societies version of SC, we finally have Maxis back. We can expect the old cartoon-ish look to be returned to our favorite city builder game.

Thank God, Maxis is back. I remember how lucky I was when SimCity 4 was released. I have played it for years since then. Later I expected new episode to be released, with improved graphic, building more, generally with new features added. Then I have heard new sequel is coming out of EA's factory.

Preorder SimCity (5) 2013 now, and buy SimCity 4- Deluxe edition. Only on Amazon!


Well, I don't have to explain you how disappointed I was with that SimCity Societies. I am sure that was the biggest failure in the genre. The idea of SC was completely destroyed, turned upside down, shaken, and then they used it to build something "similar" to its prequel. They did it all wrong. New look was unrealistic, not appealing at all, plastic, dark... I have no words for that.

What I see now from trailer, screenshots, game-plays... is something I like. I finally recognize the old SimCity I grew up on. But, this new game has a lot of new features. Some are added, and some have been missed. What, why and where: that is what you will find out if you keep reading.


New engine runs SimCity 5: GlassBox makes it all look more alive and real!

Glassbox is the new engine that laid firm foundations to new improved city builder game. This engine brings life into Sims. You see directly, what happens in the streets.

Game doesn't work in the old fashioned way anymore. Glassbox brings dynamical and not statical way of dealing with information. Earlier, everything was being turned into numbers, and you would only need to satisfy some needs determined upon those numbers. Now, the things are getting a bit complicated.

In previous SCs numbers and statistics was in the center of dealing with problems and fulfilling needs determined with numeric values was the main job of every mayor out there. Now GlassBox engine goes deeper, and it listens to EVERY Sim's needs. Every single inhabitant is important. It simulates the little things–thousands of individual Sims–and lets the city mechanics emerge naturally.

This time there will be no Sims disappearing in the middle of the street. You will be able to track every Sim from their home to their work, or shop, or beach... GlassBox engine simulates the real life.

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Cities XL | Build Magnificent Cities With Best City Builder Game
Cities XL is something really special. It goes beyond famous SimCity, and brings a lot more realistic world, huge building areas (maps), online playing as well as the offline, curved roads etc. Cities XL really gives you endless possibilities to build a magnificent city. I am not exaggerating if I say that this is the best city builder game at the moment.
SimCity 5 (2013): Random Disasters and City Services
One of the best features are random disasters. This is returning to SimCity since its 3rd edition. No random disasters were present in SC 4, and now, they are back. Of course, for those not eager to see it working, they can simply turn this option off, and be safe from earthquakes, UFO's, meteorite shower and tornadoes.

No more boring spreadsheets. You won't need to constantly look at those to see if some area is under fire, or if there is high level of crime, or to detect the traffic congestion. In this SimCity 5 (2013) you see it all in-game. Everything you see is actually happening. And what is happening, you can see it. Simple as that. Simple for us, but not for the developers, I am sure.

If you build up a fire station, or hospital, they don't provide statistical coverage anymore. Instead they protect the area in which fire-trucks can reach building under fire in time before it burns up completely. This new engine uses agents to control needs, and coverage of all kind in this city builder game. This time you will be asked to strategically place buildings which offer public services (hospitals, police stations, fire stations, libraries...), 'cuz those buildings will provide its services to Sims who can walk to them. No more stacking hospitals in the one corner of the city...

simcity 5 (2013) curved roads online city builder

Curved streets, welcome! Plus: what is new and what is missed in SimCity 5 (2013).

Read which features have been added, and what was changed in SimCity 5, compared with earlier version (SimCity 4).

Yes, curved roads are here. It was only the question of time when the developers will make them available in the SimCity. Earlier I have played Cities XL. This awesome city builder simulation gives you opportunity to build curved roads. I must say, these new roads are amazing. Way better than those straight lined roads. They look better, and they give you more space to put a bit of your style into your city.

Hilly regions will look so much more exciting now, don't you think?

Speaking of hills, developers announced there will be no terraform options in new version of this city simulation. You will able to do some basic makeup on the terrain, but not able to change big elements: hills, rivers, lakes... This means that if you have a region with big lake in the center of it, you will just have to work around it. Why did they leave terraform option out of new version? Well, to make the new experience as realistic as possible, i guess.

The other thing that has been left out is city zoning. It is not clear how you will build city blocks, but they mentioned something similar to: types of building will depend on the class of roads build in the neighborhood. I guess that if you build small street, it will mean only low rise buildings will "grow up" there.

simcity 5 (2013) no more zoning curved roads

No more water pipelines, and no more electrical lines. Roads are taking their "job". You just place the road on the terrain, and they will bring water and electricity to Sims' homes.

Water towers can be places only on terrain rich with underground water. There is special filter where you can see which part of the map contains water. Then you just place water tower there, and connect it with the city using a road. You will also have to watch out not to place farms and industry near to your water towers. Industrial products and chemicals can harm water quality, making Sims sick.

Public transportation on SimCity 5 (2013)

My favorite part in every city builder game is traffic. I don't know why, but I spend the most time organizing public transportation and playing with roads.

New road types have been added, including roads with light city rail (trams). You will be able to place bus stops along the city streets too. In this SC, there will be no subways.

Highways will be present, but they will be pre-designed on the map. You won't be able to build your own highways (at least not in the beginning), but only to build your city around the existing ones.

Airports and seaports will be available. These huge infrastructural projects will require cooperation between more mayors to be built. Here comes the beauty of multi-player in this EA's new city building game.

simcity 5 (2013) glassbox engine city builder

SimCity 5 turns to multiplayer game-play. Play your favorite city builder simulation game online!

Yes, this new SC will be played online. New city builder comes in multiplayer fashion this time.

Many fans of the genre hate this. Multiplayer game-play and moving SimCity online are two news that hit the big wall in SimCity community. Many players didn't like the idea not to be whole in the control over their cities. Well, there is still the option to take a whole region for yourself to play. So, no worries, you will still be able to play single player city builder.

On the other hand, this new feature brings a lot of fun. Imagine working together with your neighbors on building nuclear power plant, which will provide electricity for the entire region. Doesn't that look awesome? Or, work with other mayors on building an airport, which will bring new businesses and tourists to all your cities. This way you will keep some of the money for yourself, and you will be able to invest it in other projects. Plus, you will meet new people, which is always nice thing.

What you do in your city, automatically affects surrounding cities. If you base your economy on casinos, and don't think about controlling the rising crime rate, criminals will start spreading to your neighboring urban areas too.

If you are not able to control crime, you will be in position to ask for help. Other mayors can then send you police officers to help you in suppressing crime. 
simcity 5 multiplayer online ea maxis game

If you don't control your landfills, your garbage can contaminate the river your city lies on and affect the cities down the river.

SimCity 5 (2013): It Is Almost The Release Date

It is 2013, and our favorite city builder game is almost out. It is in beta testing faze for a long time now. We all are waiting for that early March, when the release should happen.

Did you get enough of waiting for Maxis' and EA's SimCity 5 to be released and ready to be played? Me too. Good news are that the release date is almost there. They have announced earlier that the releease date is March 5, 2013. Lets hope they keep that promise!

There are many other features in the new SimCity 5 (2013). I am sure many more will come with updates. The one thing is for sure: new EA and Maxis' came looks awesome. Looking forward to play new city builder simulation online!

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Saturday, January 05, 2013

atWar (Afterwind): Conquer World Map Using Sky Menace

AtWar, formerly known as Afterwind is Risk like browser war game. One of its the most famous strategies is Sky Menace. It is the most used strategy in this free-to-play, turn-based MMO game. Do you want to know how to conquer world map using Sky Menace in atWar? If so, then keep reading!

AtWar is the new generation of Risk-like games. It is formerly known as Afterwind. After the update, name Afterwind was changed into new, more describing name: atWar. This completely free-to-play browser war game is the best of its kind, there on the Internet.There are many strategies (ways to play the game) you can use. Every strategy puts the emphasize on certain type of war units. This time we will be reviewing Sky Menace: atWar strategy which main units are airplanes.

atwar afterwind sky menace world map
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Sky Menace: the most popular strategy in atWar (Afterwind)

Using air units (bombers and stealth) in atWar can bring the whole world under your control. You just need to know how to use it. The most important thing is to know which are the best starting countries for Sky Menace.

One of my favorite strategies is Sky Menace (SM). It is fast, powerful both in defense and attack, perfect strategy for the best expansion in the first turn. The only real weakness of it is the fact that Sky Menace is relatively expensive if played in poor regions (Middle East, Africa, South America, Balkans).
If you've played atWar you know that expansion in the first turn is crucial for the future of your empire. This means that is you want to win, you must take as many neutral territories in the first turn as possible. This brings not just troops, but also the higher income.

So, it is good to have in mind to choose country that is cheap, close to rich countries, that offers lots of troops for the first turn, and that has enough surrounding countries to take. Every continent has one or two of those. So we will be reviewing few of the countries that are perfect for a world conquest with Sky Menace strategy.

atwar afterwind world map sky menace

atWar (Afterwind): Playing Sky Menace in Europe

Map of Europe is the most popular map in atWar. This makes it important to know how to use Sky Menace on this continent.

There are two great countries you should use for your starting positions if you are playing Sky Menace. Those are Ukraine and Spain. In my opinion Ukraine is the best country in the whole world for this strategy.

Why are Ukraine and Spain the best countries for Sky Menace fans? The reasons are simple. They both are cheap (Spain is a bit more expensive), they both have access to rich countries (UK, France, Russian regions, Sweden), they both provide over 20 starting units...

In the first turn, you are starting with 20 units, and you get 20+ more reinforcements. You have to give 3k game funds to purchase this country. This makes it both: cheap and great at troop count. You can easily take Poland, Hungary, Belarus, Estonia, Russia South and Russia North-west right away. If you have opponents near to you, you will have to adjust this expansion a bit. Russian countries will provide nice and steady income to you, but have in mind that in the beginning, you will experience funds shortage.

What makes this country great candidate for SM is its vicinity to France and UK and Italy (high income countries), relatively low price, respectable troop count, and the country itself is isolated enough to be protected from early attacks.

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atWar (Afterwind): Playing Sky Menace in Asia

Map of Asia is the second most popular map in this browser turn based strategy. This makes it important to know how to use Sky Menace on this continent

Asia is famous after the rich and populated Chinese territories. This makes it ideal playground for Sky Menace fans. The best starting countries on this continent are: Korea (North and South Korea), China SW, Vietnam. These countries are cheap, surrounded with high income countries, and they provide great expansion in first turn...
My first choice would be South Korea, in 10K world game. From there you can take all surrounding countries in first turn, of there is no one to compete you there. If so, taking China NE, North Korea and Japan is one great start. 

Since Asia and Europe are the best choices for SM, I won't go further with this. I hope you now know what are the best countries if you are using Sky Menace in AtWar.

How to Play Sky Menace in atWar?

Know how to use bombers and stealth bombers to attack the enemy and when you are defending. It is all about the tactics and practice in this risk-like browser strategy.

As I've written earlier, sky menace puts emphasize on air units: bombers, stealth bombers and air transports. Stealth bombers are better not to be used in SM, so I will skip them here.  Lets focus on bombers as air transports only.

Air units are stronger and they have larger range, and on the other hand, other troops are weaker: with lowered attack and defense points.This makes it logical to use Bombers when attacking enemy.

Air transports have 1 additional transport point, giving them opportunity to transport not 5, but 6 troops. They also come with larger range. So, put 6 infantry and transport them near the enemy city. Use tree of them to build a wall around it, and send the rest to attack the city. Then, just send enough bombers to clear the city for your infantry to capture it.

It is as simple as that, isn't it?

NOTE: try to wall the city you are attacking in the same turn. This will prevent the enemy to take it back right next turn. Use improved troop range as one of the strongest feature in this strategy.

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