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Grepolis | Play MMO of the Year 2012 for FREE

Grepolis 2.0 was announced the MMO of the year 2012. This is free-to-play war browser game that is played by hundreds of thousands of players world-wide. Grepolis is played in water worlds, with scattered islands around with 10-ish cities on each. You are general in attempt to spread your empire across the whole world, and defeat all the enemies.

grepolis 2.0 play war browser game free
If you are fan of online strategies, then you simply must have heard about Grepolis 2.0. If you didn't, then this is great opportunity to learn more about this awesome free-to-play browser war game, which was, imagine that, the MMO of the year 2012. I will try to explain the basics of the gameplay and to lead you through the steps you need to take to fortify your starting position, build up strong city, from which you will be able to take more colonies, and dominate the world.

Have in mind that this is strategy, and if you are in hurry, then probably, you should consider some casual game (I strongly suggest atWar, which is turn-based fast paced war game, played on realistic world map).

Grepolis surely isn't for those with short fuse, and who don't wont to spend hours of planning attacks. It is time-consuming, but with nice ahead planning, you can have both: account and real-life.

grepolis  2.0 mmo year 2012 best browser war game

Grepolis: a short introduction

What do you have to know about this MMO of the year 2012, before you start playing it. What is it that makes Grepolis 2.0 different from other similar browser strategies? Lets see...

Grepolis 2.0 isn't without the reason one of the most massively played MMOs there online. Even the fact that it has been announces as the MMO of the year 2012 speaks something about the game. First of all lets say it is free-to-play war game. The action is placed in ancient Greek times, in time of Greek Polises .

You actually start as a "Mayor" of one of those Polises. It is a village at the beginning, but you get enough time to build it up to great city, which can store hundreds of your troops ready to conquer other cities. All cities in Grepolis are settled  on islands, which are scattered around in wast oceans. For that reason you will have to use war ships and transports in almost every battle. But this is far from JUST naval warfare. Land troops have greater impact, and they are the core of your empire.

In Grepolis 2.0, there are dozens of worlds. At the moment, more than 60 worlds are active. Every world is story for itself: different alliances, different players, number of players, troop speed, conquest system etc. There are plenty of different words to suit everyone's taste.

Have in mind that you can't play solo. Players without alliances sink too fast. You need to have protection of the friends in case of the attack, and also extra firepower when you go for the enemy city. Read more about Alliances in Grepolis 2.0 after the link.

How can I start playing this MMO: Grepolis 2.0?

Well, this is simple. There is a small banner on the top of this article, and you can log in to the game from there. Simple click on the image and in less than 2 minutes you are in you first village, ready to build first building in it.

Before you start logging in, you should know that you can choose an of the active worlds to play in. Newer versions are always better ones. Also, you are given the option to choose the side of the world to start on (east, west, north etc.). I don't recommend starting in the center of the map. Any other option is better than that one. 

Please use my referral link (within that image) to join. It will help me a lot. Thank you!

grepolis 2.0 mmo year 2012 free to play browser strategy

First steps in Grepolis 2.0. Ultimate guide to survival in this MMO of the year 2012!

Now that you have settled on the nice sandy shore on one of the islands, you need to think and act fast to survive. You are like little turtle now, and have in mind that only 25% of all turtles survive to adultery. This free-to-play MMO is all about the survival of the fittest! Learn how to grow your city fast!

You start with one city that has only couple building in it. This city has only 200 points. Don't worry, for the first five days you cannot be attacks, as you are protected as a beginner. Use this time to build as many building in your city and to transform it into the largest city on island. This way you can be sure no one from the island will attack you. They will choose someone who is a bit weaker.

How to do that? It is all about the strategy and planning ahead. Lets take a look at the image below.

grepolis 2.0 free to play mmo placed in ancient times

This is building view, and it shows you which buildings you can build in Senate. Senate is the central building in your city, and you manage all the construction there. Here, on this image you can see all the buildings available to you for building, so there is no need for me to write all down. Every one of them have some prerequisites. For example, you need to have senate at lvl 8, farm at lvl 10 and barracks at lvl 6 to be able to build an academy.

I will make it easier for you by telling you what do you need to focus on in order to reach the level where you can build colony ship and sail off to conquer an other settlement. There is no point in random actions when you play this browser free-to-play war game. Grepolis 2.0 is all about strategy and planning your actions ahead. It goes pretty much in depth, and that is, I guess, one of the reasons Grepolis was announced the MMO of the year 2012.

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Check out your prerequisites for harbor and academy, because those two building are the ones you will need fast. To build up a colony ship (ship needed for colonization and conquests)  you will need harbor at lvl 20 and academy at lvl 22. Try to build your resource buildings (timber camp, quarry and silver mines) to at least lvl 16 in order to receive enough resources for building. You will need mostly stone for harbor and academy, so try to push your quarry up to lvl 20 if you can. An other necessary building is warehouse. You need to have warehouse which can store 10k of each materials in order to build colony ship at the end.

In short this is what you need to focus on in first few days.
I won't lie you. It will take days before you can build colony ship. But  once you reach that level, everything will go a lot smoother. And then, the action starts.

grepolis 2.0 best browser srategy of year 2012

Grepolis 2.0 ultimate survival guide. Academy and its importance in this free-to-play browser war game

Academy is place where you do all the researches. Know which researches are the most important at the beginning of your conquest path in this MMO of the year 2012!

With every new level in academy, you receive 4 research points. Some researches require a lot more than 4 points (8, 10, 12 points). You should know that you can't research them all in one city. You will have to choose your priorities. I am here to help you, a new play in wast MMO world of Grepolis 2.0: free to play browser war game, placed in ancient world.

It is essential to research archers and hoplites right in the beginning, to be able to build your defense. You can expect first attacks after 5 days in the game, and you must prevail in this crucial period. Don't let your neighbors to come to your city and take all the resources when ever they want that.

Next important research is ceramics.  This provides space for extra 2500 resources (each).
City guard is also important research. Gives you ability to call your citizens in help with defending the city.
Architecture lowers resources needed for the construction of every building in senate for 10%.
Crane increases speed needed for the construction of every building in senate for 10%.

Now you can aim for the colony ship, which is available at academy lvl 22. Spare your resources and skip other researches in order to get to lvl 22 as fast as you can.

grepolis 2.0 best strategy free to play year 2012

Grepolis 2.0 ultimate beginner's guide | Voila, you have colony ship built. What now?

Grepolis is war browser game: completely free-to-play. It was announces the MMO of the year 2012. Learn how to take your first settlement in this online strategy game with this simple guide!

There are few options. You can pick some free anchor point on your island, or some of the surrounding islands. You can also pick one of the ghost (deserted) towns to conquer. You can also, attack real enemy. The latter is good choice if you have help from your friends. This way you can choose some already fully built cities and take them. You then can start building army immediately, instead of building city from point zero.

Colony ship needs to be accompanied with few troops and few light ships to be able to colonize.  If you decide to go against one active player, I suggest you to send LOTS of ships and troops with your colony ship. It won't landed, until the last enemy troop is killed.

One more thing about colonization. In grepolis 2.0 there are two types of world when it comes to colonization. One type uses revolt for conquest. This means that you have to first start revolt in enemy city, then wait 12 hours (revolt turns red, then) to land you colony ship.

In the other type of worlds, you go for the conquest directly. This means that you, firstly, land colony ship, and then put all the defense you have in the conquered city, to protect it for next 24 hrs (during this time-frame, city can be returned to previous owner if he manages to kill CS).

This is all. When you manage to take your second settlement, you are pro already. ;)

Grepolis 2.0: CONCLUSION on this MMO of the year 2012: 

Final word on this free-to-play browser war strategy game, placed in ancient times. 

Are you ready to try Grepolis 2.0 out? It is intense, not easy to play at all, but war browser MMO worth of trying (definitely). This great and famous online strategy placed in ancient times will make you addicted to it in no time. For those who get addicted easily, I recommend to think twice before joining Grepolis community. You have been warned. :)

I hope this article was helpful. If so, please hsare it with your friends! Thank you! 

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