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Grepolis 2.0: Browser War Game Placed in Ancient Times

Grepolis 2.0 is one of the best real-time browser war games. It has been rewarded as the best European MMO game of the year 2012. Grepolis is placed in ancient times when Gods were the rulers of seas and land. Become part of large community of sea warriors in over 60 worlds that exist in this free-to-play browser war game.

Play Grepolis 2.0: a browser war game set in Antiquity.

Become a ruler of a mighty alliance, and lead it to the victory trough fierce  naval and land battles. Crush the enemy and take all the cities on the map for yourself! 

This game is the one you simply have to try. I am sure you will love it. You start with a small village on one of islands in one of many sea worlds that exist in Grepolis. You, then, have to build up your city to a mighty Polis, which then can build up a mighty army of soldiers and divine mythological creatures. Use those to conquer your neighboring cities, and to rule the ancient worlds.

grepolis 2.0 browser real time war game

Grepolis is real time strategy war game. This means that you cannot stop the game at any moment. You cities can be attacked and conquered no matter if you are online or not. This makes it a bit more challenging in compare to some casual turn-based strategy games (like AtWar).

What is so good in playing Grepolis?

Grepolis as all but superficial and easy game. You have to work on your own conquest strategy and work together with your alliance-mates, in order to "survive" this browser war game.

Grepolis is not about "log in, play, attack, log out"; it has its depth, and requires lots of planning, building of the strategy, putting yourself in the shoes of your opponents, cooperating with your team fellows... Above all, it is a team game. You cannot win it alone, and you will need to gather up a team of players who will work together with you on clearing the regions and the whole oceans of enemy cities.

The whole lot more fun comes when you  become a ruler of 5 or more cities. At some stadium you will have more than 100 cities, with indescribable military power. You are then in position to state your demands, control the game with few other players who are as powerful as you are... Diplomacy is one of the key features in game. Trading territories, declaring war, peace or even PACTS is what makes this game realistic.

Alliance system in Grepolis 2.0

Teaming up with your neighbors makes you more powerful. Well organized alliances where dozens of members attack as if they are one, are those who will stand throughout the whole war.

Alliances are one of key figures in every Grepolis' world. Every ocean has hundreds of alliances, but only few of them (10-ish) are those who actually have power to destroy it and rearrange it the way the want. Whatever happens between those alliances will determine the destiny of everyone in that specific world (one of over 60 worlds in Grepolis).

One alliance is made of dozens, if not hundreds, of players. Every player have a rank given to him, which places  him in a certain position within that alliance.  You can be a founder, co-founder, leader, war general of specific world area ruled by your alliance, recruit officer... Prove yourself in team play and organizing missions, and you will be moving up in hierarchy in no time.

One alliance in Grepolis 2.0 is similar to a state in real world. With this comes everything else one state has: diplomacy, trading system, military... Choose your alliance wisely, and fight for it: this alliance is your home now and your destiny in the game depends on its strength.

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grepolis 2.0 build magnificent cities

Grepolis 2.0: Build a magnificent city and stack it with thousand troops ready to conquer more.

This is not only a browser war strategy, but in one hand also a city builder game. Grepolis has covered it all: from City hall, barracks and farms to temple, academy, walls, harbor and more.

At the beginning, you have one little village, and you start building structures in it. City hall is what you get for start. All other building you need to build up. Some require specific conditions to be met (other buildings at certain level, research in Academy...). Every building has more levels, and with every higher level it does its job faster and costs less. Barracks give you more troops, and troops of different kind if leveled up.

The city is the base for you army and the place where you can train it and improve it. After you build up your home town, you can start founding or conquering neighboring cities. Do you prefer to have whole island for yourself, or to spread your empire across the whole ocean? It as all up to you, really.

Build a magnificent army and start attacking your enemies. Conquer enemy cities through the battle.

Grepolis 2.0 is all about the warring. Army and navy take the central positions in your empire. Use it to spread your influence across the world.

grepolis 2.0 units barracks war game

There is rich pallette of units you can build in Grepolis. Some of them are land and other are sea units. You can even build divine units which can fly. There are, of course, defensive and attack units. You will probably choose to build only one sort of troops per a city (defensive and offensive cities).

At the beginning you don't have access to all the troops. But later, you can through researches and building upgrades gain access to all of them. Barracks are places where you build land troops and divine units. Harbors are places where you can build transport ships, biremes, triremes...

Build thousands of troops and send them to an enemy city, and capture it. Annex it to your mighty empire!

Grepolis 2.0 conclusion!

In short, what is that makes this real-time browser war game so cool, fun and addicting?

Grepolis is cool, good looking war game played in browser. It is time consuming, team game where you are an admiral and you tend to become the ruler of the seas. Lead your alliance to the victory and become the most fierce military power in your world.

Grepolis is a bit of city builder too, but the emphasize is on your military, and conquest. This is an ultimate browser war game set in ancient times of Greek Polis. That it is worth of trying shows the fact that Grepolis was elected for the best MMO of the years 2011 and 2012.

So, what are you waiting for?
Go on and try it! Make your first steps in Grepolis 2.0 with this simple ultimate beginners guide!

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