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atWar: Conquer World Map with Guerrilla Warfare Strategy

atWar: the best browser free-to-play strategy game brings so many playing options that makes it nearly impossible to get bored even after months of playing it. Formerly known as Afterwind, this turn based war game has number of strategies which allow players to put a bit of themselves into the game. One of the most played strategies is Guerrilla Warfare, or GW. Learn how to conquer the world using Guerrilla Warfare.

What is Guerrilla Warfare? It is one of the most used strategies in atWar. It is the second most popular strategy, just after the Sky Menace. Keep reading to see what are the good and what are the bad sides of waring using GW!

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Choose the right countries to play Guerrilla Warfare in atWar.

Right choice of the country is really important. Learn which countries are the best choice for Guerrilla Warfare (GW).

Guerrilla Warfare's main characteristic is low price of troops and of the upkeep. This makes it perfect for third world countries and small countries. So, if you ask me to tell you in short which is the perfect country for this strategy I would tell it is any African country or some Eastern European country. But, again, it depends on starting funds too. So, lets see which state should be your choice in which situation.

They say GW is perfect for games played on Europe map. This is true if you choose to play on Balkans and central Europe. You must keep in mind that troops range is shorten with this strategy, so you need to choose countries which are small and surrounded with many other countries. Balkans and central Europe is thus good choice for you. Of course you won't choose GW if the starting funds are above 5K. If you play 10+K game you will have enough money to choose Perfect defense, or Sky Menace, or any other.

Best choices for starting countries in Europe with guerrilla warfare are: Austria, Serbia, Poland, Denmark.

If you choose to play Africa, which I do not recommend, you should choose some of the countries on western coast: Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Cameroon. I really don't recommend starting in Africa if you play World map. There are many better places to start. But, of all strategies, guerrilla warfare is the best for this continent. It is cheap, allows you to build many troops, and still have steady money flow.

There is one more country that is great choice for this strategy. That is Pakistan. With Pakistan you can take India, Afghanistan, UAE, and Uzbekistan. In next 2 turns you can reach Middle East and Russia. Russia is going to fix your lame income, and Middle-east countries will bring you lot of reinforcements.

 Germany is an other good choice for Guerrilla Warfare players.

atWar: Guerrilla Warfare Troops presentation- marines and militia win the war!

The main troops in this strategy are marines and militia. Subs are improved too for faster transportation of marines.

Every strategy focuses on specific type of troops. In this case "main" troops you will use in your conquest are: marines and militia. They have been improved in ones and weakened in other aspects. In first place, the cost of these troops have been lowered:
marines -70 = 90
militia -20 = 10.

Critical hit point has been improved:
marines +2 = 7,
militia +4 = 4.

The range has been improved too:
marines +1 = 7,
Anti-aircraft +3 = 5,
submarines +1 = 10.

Attack and defense points of militia have been improved by 1.

Attack and defense points of other troops have been lowered by much and other characteristics have been change too. Here is the screenshot of Unit Information window:

atwar guerrilla warfare strategy world map

Good and bad sides of Guerrilla Warfare in atWar (Afterwind)

Learn to know strengths and weaknesses of every strategy that you play in atWar.

Every strategy has its good and bad sides. Some strategies have improved defense, others range and attack points, while third ones are cheap. This particular strategy: Guerrilla Warfare is just that- cheap. It allows you to pick regions on world map with low income, and still to have steady money flow.

atwar strategies browser war gameGuerrilla Warfare allows you to build lots of units, both marines and militia, but the range and cost of transports make those (transports) useless, especially in first few turns. This is why GW is pretty slow, and that is why you need to choose areas with lots of small countries: Balkans, Western Africa, Middle East.

GW is weak in both offense and defense part, but at one point you will be the player with the highest troop count, so this will compensate that weakness. You will be able to stack critical cities with lots of militia if necessary, since militia costs only 10, and has improved range and defense points.

I do not recommend playing world map with GW unless you have ally who played some other strategy with larger unit range.

For me the biggest advantage of Guerrilla Warfare aside from its low cost units is usage of powerful marines who are factor of surprise in critical times of war, when surprise plays big role. You can send lots of marines behind battle lines, deep into the enemy territory and hit his background cities, which are by the rule less defended.

atWar (Afterwind): the conclusion about Guerrilla Warfare.

In short, what do you need to know and never to forget about this strategy? Highlighting the most important facts about this valuable atWar strategy.

So, the bottom line is: GW is cheap, and lets you play areas of the world map with countries which are poor, but offer lots of reinforcements (Balkans, Middle East, Africa, South America). On the other hand, you can build many marines (cost lowered by 90) with the same attack value as it is in other strategies.

Militia is cheaper, stronger in both attack and defense, and has greatly improved unit range.

But, at the beginning it is almost impossible (at least not advisable) to use air nor sea transports. They are expensive, and have shorter range. Units globally are slow, making GW the strategy for Europe map, mostly. One more important thing is that you will probably have more units than other players who are using different strategies. So, GW is all about the quantity and less about the quality.

I hope I was helpful. If you have any question to ask, feel free to leave the comment. Thank you and good luck in your conquest in atWar!

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