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Wizzley: Write Articles and Earn Money with Cutest Web2.0 Blogging Platform

Wizzley is the cutest Web2.0 writing platform. It offers you not only the chance to share your knowledge and passions with the rest of the world, but also to earn the money by writing articles. This is small review of the Wizzley: I am sharing the tips about this cute blogging platform that offers you great dofollow links, friendly community, cute interface, instant indexing on Google and a lot more.

Wizzley write articles and earn money
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Did you hear about Wizzley: the coolest writing platform? This is relatively new article submission directory, that offers you some cool writing features, and the possibility to earn money while sharing your interests and knowledge with its community and whole Internet. Wizzley has been created by the guys who were behind Squidoo and Hubpages for a long time before they've decided to make something new and improved. It brings all the best from Squidoo and Hub, but also brings a lot of new features. Stay tuned...

Wizzley: what is that great about this Web2.0 writing platform?

What is that makes Wizzley different from other blogging platforms? Is it just dofollow links, or is it something else? 

Wizzley is the product of rich experience of its creators. This magnificent crew worked on famous Squidoo and Hubpages before they have decided to gather up and invest that experience on something that will be cherished by readers, writers and search engines.

wizzley writing platform blogging
They have succeeded.  Since I logged in to this cute blogging platform, I got so addicted, that I am writing articles there for more than a year now. I have met the members of this now large community, and I can say they are friendly, smart and funny group of people. They will share their tricks, ideas and secrets with you with such an ease, you will feel so much accepted and loved.

Wizzley is the place which mustn't be missed by any online writer if their think to be heard loudly. Wizzley's community is growing fast, and the amount of readers to your articles will be a great surprise to you.

I have already mentioned the doFollow links that Wizzley offers. You can place two such links into every article you write. nothing bad will happen if you add a few more, if the situation requires them. Every link to outside location should be meaningful, and must offer additional valid information for your reader, about the topic you are writing about.

Wizzley: article submission directory

Write on Wizzley! Instant indexing on Google, great amount of readers and more...

Google loves this article submission directory. If you offer quality reading content, your articles will rank high on search engines.

At first, when you log in to Wizzley, you will be put on test. Your articles will be reviewed in depth in order for them to be sure you are the writer that can offer quality reading material for their visitors. First five articles (wizzes) of yours will be reviewed and then approved if they meat their policy. If not, you will be contacted with the request to change certain specified parts of text in order for it to be published.

In this period (while you have less than five published wizzes) all links you put will be marked as noFollow. From article number six and on, you will be marked as trusted fellow writer, your links will turn doFollow, and every article will be instantly indexed on Google and other search engines.

How to write stunning article on Wizzley that will earn you money?
It is all about quality on Wizzley. Learn how to write stunning high quality wizzes that will actually earn you money! Follow these simple tips!
Isn't that great thing? You don't have to wait forever to see your work ranked on Google. The other great thing is that Google really lover Wizzley. This is the result of the great work on quality control that is being done by its founders. Only excellent articles will be accepted and published, and Google appreciates it. Thus, you are rewarded with higher ranking position on this and other search engines.

Don't you already love this online publishing community?
Why don't you join Wizzley now and start earning money?

Earn money with wizzley and affiliates

Earn money on Wizzley with affiliate partners.

This online publishing community supports Amazon Associates, Google AdSense, Chitica, Zazzle and few other affiliate programs. Write, have fun and earn money on cutest writing platform!

Which affiliate partners does Wizzley support? This is the list: Amazon Associates, Google AdSense, Chitica, Zazzle, AllPoster, VigLink.

An other awesome news is that you earn 50% of revenue share! Yep, they generously leave you 50% of money for every purchase your reader makes on any of those associate partners.

I had a great experience with AdSense on this article submission directory. It brought me nice amount of money. Almost 50% of all the AdSense revenue I get from my articles and blogs, comes from there.

I also have a Zazzle and Amazon account, and I use their services a lot within my articles.  I must admit I was surprised how great they worked on Wizzley.

If you bring referrals to Wizzley, you get chance to earn 10 % of whatever the money they earn trough the mentioned affiliates.Really, there is no way you miss this good opportunity to have both: fun and the money!

Have a full control over your articles

Wizzley offers you full insight in the statistics of your pages (wizzes). Monitor daily, weekly and monthly traffic. Get the sources of visits, keywords and nice pie-graph traffic overview.

Wizzley online publishing community earn money

On My Pages tab within your profile information, you can track every information about all of your wizzes. You can see the date of creation, last editing, Wizzley rank of the article, number of comments, likes, cumulative, daily, weekly and monthly traffic information...

Why don't you connect your account with Google Analytics to get even more info? Yes, you can do that. Search for Google Analytics ID box under your settings tab. Place your ID there, and voila!

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Conclusion about Wizzley: the cutest Web2.0 writing platform:

It is a great place to write and earn money on. Excellent choice for doFollow links for your blog too. Not only that you will have fun there, but you will learn a lot from its community. Members of Wizzley community are friendly, funny, always available to help you and advise you. If you write, this is place you must try out!

Enjoy and cheers!

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