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SimCity 5 (2013): Random Disasters and City Services

Since March, 5th new SimCity: 5 (2013) is out. All fans of this city builder game are so excited to try it out. One of the best features are random disasters. This is returning to SimCity since its 3rd edition. No random disasters were present in SC 4, and now, they are back. Of course, for those not eager to see it working, they can simply turn this option off, and be safe from earthquakes, UFO's, meteorite shower and tornadoes.

I bet we all love to spend days in building multimillion cities, only to see it destroyed by one of disasters available in SimCity. In this new SimCity 5 (2013) there are four types of disasters, that can strike your prospering city, and those are: earthquake, UFO attack, meteorite shower and tornadoes. Tu be safe from those, you can only prepare well enough to rebuild city as fast as possible, and save as many lives as you can. How to achieve this? Simply, by having your town covered by city services: build hospitals, police stations, fire stations...

simcity 5 2013 random disasters

SimCity 5 (2013): build it big, build it specialize, build it safe!

There is no way to predict when the disaster will strike. You can't do it in real life, thus this is impossible to do in SC neither. The only thing you can do is to prepare for it. Build hospitals, fire stations, police stations to prevent chaos after meteorite, earthquake or tornado strike. These city services will help you save many lives too.

With new SimCity 5 out, you are now able to build specialized cities. You might want to build industrial town, or maybe to set focus on tourism. You might want to get the income from casino empire. Make new Reno, or Las Vegas. It is up to you.

There is one thing, though, you should watch out after: city services, as: hospitals, police stations and fire stations, should be must-have in every town. This becomes the most important in the case of disasters, which can be set to happen randomly. 

Every disaster brings devastation, fires, high crime rate and lots of casualties. Save lives, fasten rebuilding, and minimize the damage by building mentioned city services. Cover your city with good health care, justice system, and anti-fire protection. Watch how it works and what happens if you don't, in this video:

simcity 5 2013 random disasters city services

SimCity 5 (2013): disasters- random or player-enacted.

There are four types of disasters you can cast on your fresh built city. Tornadoes, meteors, earthquakes and UFO attacks are the new random disaster features introduced in SC 5.

I have been asked by many players and SC fans if there will be random disasters finally implemented in this 2013 edition. We all liked it in SimCity 3, and missed it in SC 4.

Good news for everyone, now you will have to plan your city in the way it stands these random cataclysmic events.It is much more fun, when you have something, some force, to send an earthquake to your city in the moment you expected it the least.

Of course, there is an option to turn this off. So, for those not interested in random disasters, Maxis is allowing them to simple turn the feature off. These players can still enact all of those nature disasters. You still have option to cast a meteorite shower with one simple button click. These are player-enacted meteorite showers. That way you are in position to build up the city the best you can, and then test its readiness by starting and alien attack, or tornado in the middle of it.

SimCity 5 (2013): city services and their key role in case of disaster | the aspect of multiplayer cooperation

I am sure you already know SC5 is a multiplayer game. This is the best shown in case of a disaster. You can simply call your neighbors for help and support if you lack ambulance vehicles, choppers, or fire trucks.

I have already written about the importance of proper health care, justice and fire department system in your metropolis. But, with new multiplayer aspect of the game, you don't actually have to build all of those services in the amount your city will actually need. That is what are the neighbors there for.

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Simply as it is, your city will be aided with necessarily police, fire trucks and ambulance cars in the case of the worst thing. If, for example, your metropolis has been struck  by a meteorite, your neighbors will come in to extinguish the fire, to prevent the crime rate hitting the skies, etc.

Be a good neighbor, give something valuable to your fellow players, and you will get the help when you need it.

simcity 5 2013 earthquake disaster

fire department city sevices in simcity 5

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