Saturday, December 29, 2012

Become Farmer | Farmerama: Coolest Online Farm Game

Farmerama is the best and the coolest online farm. This awesome farming simulation game offers you an opportunity to become prosperous online farmer. Have endless hours of farming fun playing this awesome game by Bigpont. Farmerama.

What is Farmerama?
I have been writing in short about this game in post Farmerama: the Best Free Online Farming Game. This time I will be writing about all the possibilities you have in this game. Isn't it fun to be a farmer? Hell, yeah! And, trust me, this is the best place to be one. That is for sure. There are no boring days if you play this cute online farm.

Farmerama online farm farming game
Play Farmerama NOW for FREE!

Farmerama is a free to play browser game. You are put on the task to control a farm. but, it is not just a farm you need to run. You have actually three farms, artisan's village, a city, tropical island and park to run. There are other additions too, for other purposes: trade, local fair, cloud park, pirate's cove...

Play free-to-play online farm.

Farmerama is winner of European games award as the best European browser game.

This award winner is the best world browser game too, according to 4th annual Mashable awards. It is not a surprise. Farmerama truly deserves to be accepted as one of the best browser games there on the Internet. It is better than any farming game which mainly become famous in short time, and then just shut down, due to lack of quality content. The variety of tasks, upgrades, awards and events in Farmerama is just astonishing. You can play it for years, and yet not to feel a bit bored. It is obvious they have put a lot of effort to create one and the only truly farming game for passionate farmers.

What can one online farmer do in Farmerama?

He can enjoy the casual browser game. Plant seeds, breed animals, sell goods, do challenges... Plenty of fun moments you can have with this free-to-play farm game.

There are hundreds of possible plants, seeds, animals to grow on your online farm. You can plant anything from cabbage to roses and oyster mushrooms. Dozens of trees, and plus tropical fruits and seeds to grow on special tropical island. With animals you can do even more. You can simply sell them after they are grown up. Or you can breed them to get special animal breeds (rainbow cow, albino bat, deranged goat, wild boar...) These special animals cost a lot more than regular ones. They are also needed for some challenges in farmers' society. All your products (flowers, corn, wheat) you can use in artisan's village to make bread, cakes, to arrange flowers... These artisan's products are valuable on the market. They also bring you additional experience points. On the other hand it is awesome to see a product of yours, made from your plants, you have grown on your farm.

There are many extra options you can unlock through special events, challenges, or by moving through the ranks. On one of your farm, you will unlock Tree of Wisdom. this tree is place where you can trade your silver stars (earned by fulfilling challenges) for game upgrades. Here you can unlock other farm places and many more things.

Special events and challenges in Farmerama

These events make this browser farming game extremely addicting, and fun to play.

On the city square every now and then (once a week) there will be a weekly event held on. These events are multilevel tasks, for which completion you get valuable prize. Events in farmerama are related to real life events: harvest days in Poland, Germany, Spain; Halloween, Christmas, Easter, full moon... You get new seeds for every event. They are special, and you can only plant them for those events. You need to collect specific amount of goods, and deliver it on the city square. There you can trade them for experience points, money, special trees, or trophies. Different type of challenge you can find in the farmers' society building in the city. You need to collect specific amount of goods for every of 20-ish active challenges to get the reward.
It is simple, but also it is fun. The game creators are constantly working on bringing new and interesting aspects to the game.  

What are you waiting for? Join the Farmerama today and build up your farmer's carrier. Become the most successful online farmer. You know, the game is completely free-to-play!


  1. Online Farmer games is brilliant idea to devlope this types of game specially for children because, this games can enhance knowledge about a farmer. So, this is extremely addicting games to learn about farmers.

    1. Totally agree with you. Glad you liked it. ;)