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atWar (Afterwind): Conquer World Map Using Sky Menace

AtWar, formerly known as Afterwind is Risk like browser war game. One of its the most famous strategies is Sky Menace. It is the most used strategy in this free-to-play, turn-based MMO game. Do you want to know how to conquer world map using Sky Menace in atWar? If so, then keep reading!

AtWar is the new generation of Risk-like games. It is formerly known as Afterwind. After the update, name Afterwind was changed into new, more describing name: atWar. This completely free-to-play browser war game is the best of its kind, there on the Internet.There are many strategies (ways to play the game) you can use. Every strategy puts the emphasize on certain type of war units. This time we will be reviewing Sky Menace: atWar strategy which main units are airplanes.

atwar afterwind sky menace world map
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Sky Menace: the most popular strategy in atWar (Afterwind)

Using air units (bombers and stealth) in atWar can bring the whole world under your control. You just need to know how to use it. The most important thing is to know which are the best starting countries for Sky Menace.

One of my favorite strategies is Sky Menace (SM). It is fast, powerful both in defense and attack, perfect strategy for the best expansion in the first turn. The only real weakness of it is the fact that Sky Menace is relatively expensive if played in poor regions (Middle East, Africa, South America, Balkans).
If you've played atWar you know that expansion in the first turn is crucial for the future of your empire. This means that is you want to win, you must take as many neutral territories in the first turn as possible. This brings not just troops, but also the higher income.

So, it is good to have in mind to choose country that is cheap, close to rich countries, that offers lots of troops for the first turn, and that has enough surrounding countries to take. Every continent has one or two of those. So we will be reviewing few of the countries that are perfect for a world conquest with Sky Menace strategy.

atwar afterwind world map sky menace

atWar (Afterwind): Playing Sky Menace in Europe

Map of Europe is the most popular map in atWar. This makes it important to know how to use Sky Menace on this continent.

There are two great countries you should use for your starting positions if you are playing Sky Menace. Those are Ukraine and Spain. In my opinion Ukraine is the best country in the whole world for this strategy.

Why are Ukraine and Spain the best countries for Sky Menace fans? The reasons are simple. They both are cheap (Spain is a bit more expensive), they both have access to rich countries (UK, France, Russian regions, Sweden), they both provide over 20 starting units...

In the first turn, you are starting with 20 units, and you get 20+ more reinforcements. You have to give 3k game funds to purchase this country. This makes it both: cheap and great at troop count. You can easily take Poland, Hungary, Belarus, Estonia, Russia South and Russia North-west right away. If you have opponents near to you, you will have to adjust this expansion a bit. Russian countries will provide nice and steady income to you, but have in mind that in the beginning, you will experience funds shortage.

What makes this country great candidate for SM is its vicinity to France and UK and Italy (high income countries), relatively low price, respectable troop count, and the country itself is isolated enough to be protected from early attacks.

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atWar (Afterwind): Playing Sky Menace in Asia

Map of Asia is the second most popular map in this browser turn based strategy. This makes it important to know how to use Sky Menace on this continent

Asia is famous after the rich and populated Chinese territories. This makes it ideal playground for Sky Menace fans. The best starting countries on this continent are: Korea (North and South Korea), China SW, Vietnam. These countries are cheap, surrounded with high income countries, and they provide great expansion in first turn...
My first choice would be South Korea, in 10K world game. From there you can take all surrounding countries in first turn, of there is no one to compete you there. If so, taking China NE, North Korea and Japan is one great start. 

Since Asia and Europe are the best choices for SM, I won't go further with this. I hope you now know what are the best countries if you are using Sky Menace in AtWar.

How to Play Sky Menace in atWar?

Know how to use bombers and stealth bombers to attack the enemy and when you are defending. It is all about the tactics and practice in this risk-like browser strategy.

As I've written earlier, sky menace puts emphasize on air units: bombers, stealth bombers and air transports. Stealth bombers are better not to be used in SM, so I will skip them here.  Lets focus on bombers as air transports only.

Air units are stronger and they have larger range, and on the other hand, other troops are weaker: with lowered attack and defense points.This makes it logical to use Bombers when attacking enemy.

Air transports have 1 additional transport point, giving them opportunity to transport not 5, but 6 troops. They also come with larger range. So, put 6 infantry and transport them near the enemy city. Use tree of them to build a wall around it, and send the rest to attack the city. Then, just send enough bombers to clear the city for your infantry to capture it.

It is as simple as that, isn't it?

NOTE: try to wall the city you are attacking in the same turn. This will prevent the enemy to take it back right next turn. Use improved troop range as one of the strongest feature in this strategy.

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