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SimCity (5) 2013: Favorite City Builder Game Goes Online

Every fan of city builder genre knows about SimCity. This is the best game of its kind. After ten years of pause, EA together with Maxis will release new game in early 2013. We all are excited. And this time this is going to be something completely new. SimCity goes online, and puts the emphasize on multi-player aspect of the game. You will have to cooperate with other mayors on major infrastructural, economical and safety projects.

The new SimCity is almost out. SimCity, also known as SC 5 is going online for the first time in its history. You will be able to work together with mayors of surrounding cities in order to bring huge projects to your region. Also, what you do will automatically afflict neighboring cities. So, be careful: high crime rate in your city will surely bring lots of trouble to your neighbors too.

Will you work WITH or AGAINST them?

simcity 5 (2013) goes online, favorite city builder

Maxis is back to SimCity, finally.

After huge failure with SimCity Societies, when EA decided to let an other developer to work on Societies version of SC, we finally have Maxis back. We can expect the old cartoon-ish look to be returned to our favorite city builder game.

Thank God, Maxis is back. I remember how lucky I was when SimCity 4 was released. I have played it for years since then. Later I expected new episode to be released, with improved graphic, building more, generally with new features added. Then I have heard new sequel is coming out of EA's factory.

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Well, I don't have to explain you how disappointed I was with that SimCity Societies. I am sure that was the biggest failure in the genre. The idea of SC was completely destroyed, turned upside down, shaken, and then they used it to build something "similar" to its prequel. They did it all wrong. New look was unrealistic, not appealing at all, plastic, dark... I have no words for that.

What I see now from trailer, screenshots, game-plays... is something I like. I finally recognize the old SimCity I grew up on. But, this new game has a lot of new features. Some are added, and some have been missed. What, why and where: that is what you will find out if you keep reading.


New engine runs SimCity 5: GlassBox makes it all look more alive and real!

Glassbox is the new engine that laid firm foundations to new improved city builder game. This engine brings life into Sims. You see directly, what happens in the streets.

Game doesn't work in the old fashioned way anymore. Glassbox brings dynamical and not statical way of dealing with information. Earlier, everything was being turned into numbers, and you would only need to satisfy some needs determined upon those numbers. Now, the things are getting a bit complicated.

In previous SCs numbers and statistics was in the center of dealing with problems and fulfilling needs determined with numeric values was the main job of every mayor out there. Now GlassBox engine goes deeper, and it listens to EVERY Sim's needs. Every single inhabitant is important. It simulates the little things–thousands of individual Sims–and lets the city mechanics emerge naturally.

This time there will be no Sims disappearing in the middle of the street. You will be able to track every Sim from their home to their work, or shop, or beach... GlassBox engine simulates the real life.

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SimCity 5 (2013): Random Disasters and City Services
One of the best features are random disasters. This is returning to SimCity since its 3rd edition. No random disasters were present in SC 4, and now, they are back. Of course, for those not eager to see it working, they can simply turn this option off, and be safe from earthquakes, UFO's, meteorite shower and tornadoes.

No more boring spreadsheets. You won't need to constantly look at those to see if some area is under fire, or if there is high level of crime, or to detect the traffic congestion. In this SimCity 5 (2013) you see it all in-game. Everything you see is actually happening. And what is happening, you can see it. Simple as that. Simple for us, but not for the developers, I am sure.

If you build up a fire station, or hospital, they don't provide statistical coverage anymore. Instead they protect the area in which fire-trucks can reach building under fire in time before it burns up completely. This new engine uses agents to control needs, and coverage of all kind in this city builder game. This time you will be asked to strategically place buildings which offer public services (hospitals, police stations, fire stations, libraries...), 'cuz those buildings will provide its services to Sims who can walk to them. No more stacking hospitals in the one corner of the city...

simcity 5 (2013) curved roads online city builder

Curved streets, welcome! Plus: what is new and what is missed in SimCity 5 (2013).

Read which features have been added, and what was changed in SimCity 5, compared with earlier version (SimCity 4).

Yes, curved roads are here. It was only the question of time when the developers will make them available in the SimCity. Earlier I have played Cities XL. This awesome city builder simulation gives you opportunity to build curved roads. I must say, these new roads are amazing. Way better than those straight lined roads. They look better, and they give you more space to put a bit of your style into your city.

Hilly regions will look so much more exciting now, don't you think?

Speaking of hills, developers announced there will be no terraform options in new version of this city simulation. You will able to do some basic makeup on the terrain, but not able to change big elements: hills, rivers, lakes... This means that if you have a region with big lake in the center of it, you will just have to work around it. Why did they leave terraform option out of new version? Well, to make the new experience as realistic as possible, i guess.

The other thing that has been left out is city zoning. It is not clear how you will build city blocks, but they mentioned something similar to: types of building will depend on the class of roads build in the neighborhood. I guess that if you build small street, it will mean only low rise buildings will "grow up" there.

simcity 5 (2013) no more zoning curved roads

No more water pipelines, and no more electrical lines. Roads are taking their "job". You just place the road on the terrain, and they will bring water and electricity to Sims' homes.

Water towers can be places only on terrain rich with underground water. There is special filter where you can see which part of the map contains water. Then you just place water tower there, and connect it with the city using a road. You will also have to watch out not to place farms and industry near to your water towers. Industrial products and chemicals can harm water quality, making Sims sick.

Public transportation on SimCity 5 (2013)

My favorite part in every city builder game is traffic. I don't know why, but I spend the most time organizing public transportation and playing with roads.

New road types have been added, including roads with light city rail (trams). You will be able to place bus stops along the city streets too. In this SC, there will be no subways.

Highways will be present, but they will be pre-designed on the map. You won't be able to build your own highways (at least not in the beginning), but only to build your city around the existing ones.

Airports and seaports will be available. These huge infrastructural projects will require cooperation between more mayors to be built. Here comes the beauty of multi-player in this EA's new city building game.

simcity 5 (2013) glassbox engine city builder

SimCity 5 turns to multiplayer game-play. Play your favorite city builder simulation game online!

Yes, this new SC will be played online. New city builder comes in multiplayer fashion this time.

Many fans of the genre hate this. Multiplayer game-play and moving SimCity online are two news that hit the big wall in SimCity community. Many players didn't like the idea not to be whole in the control over their cities. Well, there is still the option to take a whole region for yourself to play. So, no worries, you will still be able to play single player city builder.

On the other hand, this new feature brings a lot of fun. Imagine working together with your neighbors on building nuclear power plant, which will provide electricity for the entire region. Doesn't that look awesome? Or, work with other mayors on building an airport, which will bring new businesses and tourists to all your cities. This way you will keep some of the money for yourself, and you will be able to invest it in other projects. Plus, you will meet new people, which is always nice thing.

What you do in your city, automatically affects surrounding cities. If you base your economy on casinos, and don't think about controlling the rising crime rate, criminals will start spreading to your neighboring urban areas too.

If you are not able to control crime, you will be in position to ask for help. Other mayors can then send you police officers to help you in suppressing crime. 
simcity 5 multiplayer online ea maxis game

If you don't control your landfills, your garbage can contaminate the river your city lies on and affect the cities down the river.

SimCity 5 (2013): It Is Almost The Release Date

It is 2013, and our favorite city builder game is almost out. It is in beta testing faze for a long time now. We all are waiting for that early March, when the release should happen.

Did you get enough of waiting for Maxis' and EA's SimCity 5 to be released and ready to be played? Me too. Good news are that the release date is almost there. They have announced earlier that the releease date is March 5, 2013. Lets hope they keep that promise!

There are many other features in the new SimCity 5 (2013). I am sure many more will come with updates. The one thing is for sure: new EA and Maxis' came looks awesome. Looking forward to play new city builder simulation online!

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  2. I truly hope that the new SimCity 5 has random disasters!!!!!!!! No random disas ters took all the excitement out of SC 4. I missed getting angry after building a huge city over a month's spand, just to have it wiped out by a tornado!!!!

    1. Actually it does have random disasters. I was hoping for that too.

      This is small, fun preview of those:
      Random disasters in SimCity 5.

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