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Rising Cities: New City Building Browser Game | Simulation of Real City

Rising Cities is the new browser game launched by German Bigpoint. It is free to play city building game: the best browser real city simulation game at the moment. It is cute, dynamic, multilevel paradise for SimCity lovers. You are put in the position of a mayor to control wide aspects of city's economy, industry, citizens' satisfaction and more.

Rising Cities are in beta test version at the moment, and it has already proven to be the best city building game online. Bigpoint continues to work hard on their browser pearls. The new hit simulation game is there, waiting for you to try it out. Go ahead: the link is below the image.

rising cities city building browser game
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Being Mayor Gets New Meaning in the Rising Cities

Become the most successful Mayor Online. Lead your city to the prosperity. 


It is so easy to play Rising Cities, and yet it's attractiveness and it's rich content makes the game so popular and fun to play. You are the mayor and you start with a small part of future urban area. At the beginning there are few building you can build, but not much of the choice really. Everything you do, brings you experience points. The more experience points, the higher level you are reaching. With new levels you unlock new buildings (residential, recreational, industrial, commercial).

There is also an addictive reward system in the game. They set up a goals for you. If you, for example, reach 450 citizens, you get money, experience points and new building for a reward. You learn to keep the balance between power production and consumption, and between citizens' demands and recreational services.

Later in the game you will need to unlock new city areas, since the existing ones will be insufficient to house the growing number of your citizens. These areas can be cheap, or very expensive. Those Expensive ones can contain a secret building, which makes this investment paid off.

This game shows its full potential after you pass level 10, which happens after few days of playing. After this level, you get new types of power plants (more environmentally friendly and more efficient), a lot more types of houses and buildings, more resources to use, products to produce...

You as a mayor of prosperous online city have it all under your control. You decide where to place squares, where to lay a street or tree. You design you very own industry area. Decide which way your city will go: is it going to be a wealth oriented city, or an industrial city?

Cell your goods on the market, connect with other players, share gifts with them, and a lot more! Only in Rising Cities: the best browser city building game. It is like having a real city under your control. 

Interaction with Other Players in Rising Cities

For one city, the most important thing is to have strong connections with surrounding cities. As a mayor of a big, prosperous city, you will have chance to make friends on every corner. It is so good and easy to have friends in this browser city building game, and they bring a lot of new features to your city!
Bigpoint has over 300 million users. Many of them play simulation games such as: Rising Cities, or Farmerama: Cutest Browser Farming Game. RC succeeded to gain popularity in very short time, thanks to its cuteness and rich content. So, there are hundreds of thousands of players who will be happy to meet you and cooperate.

The game lets you to send gifts to you neighbors. At the moment, this is the only neighbor activity available in-game, but developers promised to add new gadgets, later. It is understandable, since SC is in the beta testing phase. Later, we can expect neighbors to become more and more important figures. You will probably have lots of gain from having large number of friends, which is completely logical thing. The community is friendly and warm. Expect no problems with making business and friendship connections. You can also ask for any help you need, and they (we) will be happy to offer you a friendly hand.

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