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atWar (Afterwind): How to Earn Strategy Points (SP) Faster?

AtWar (previously known as Afterwind) is strategy turn-based war game, similar to Risk and Civilization. You are in a role of a general and you can move trough ranks (0-15) earning yourself respect and admiration. Strategy points are part of reward system in atWar. Learn how to earn Strategy Points faster!

Strategy Points are points which you earn after a played match in atWar: the free-to-play browser war game played on realistic world map. The amount of earned SPs depends on many factors (length of the match, numbers of destroyed units, did you destroy an enemy general, did you play defensive or offensive game...). One thing is for sure: the more fight you give, the more Strategy Points you will earn. But, is it the only thing you can do to earn SPs? There are few possible ways to earn Strategy Points faster.

atWar: Earn More Strategy Points Fast
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Learn about ranking system in atWar (what are the strategy points used for):

Strategy points are needed for ranking up, but also they are needed for buying upgrades for your troops and General.

Strategy points (SP) are quite simple reward system in atWar, which gives the player the aim, while playing this strategy browser game. SP are points you earn for destroying enemy units, enemy general, for capturing enemy cities, etc. The more battle you give, the more strategy points you earn. And the more SP you earn in the game, the faster you move through the ranks.

There are 15 ranks, and you need to reach specific number of SP to earn the next higher rank. Every new rank requires more points, which means that when you reach rank 7, or 8, it will take you few weeks, later even months of playing, to earn next higher rank.

It is then, understandable why players seek how to earn strategy points in atWar (formerly known as Afterwind) fast.

An other usage of strategy points in this risk-like browser war game is for buying the upgrades. You can use SP to buy an improvements for you general and every single troops. Every upgrade requires specific amount of SP, so choose wisely. You can check the list of upgrades in atWar (Afterwind) right here:
How to Afterwind: What Are the Best Upgrades?

atwar free-to-play browser game premium packages

Buy atWar's PREMIUM features to earn Strategy Points fast!

Even so atWar is free-to-play browser war game, premium features bring a lot to the game. You, definitely, have more chances to win with these.

AtWar is free-to-play browser war game, created in the best tradition of Risk and Civilization. This means, you can play it completely free, with no required download, either. But, if you want to experience its full potential, and to become respected general, you will have to think about buying some of the premium packages.

On the picture above you can see which premium packages exist in this risk-like game. So, you can buy either full package, or just the package with SP discounts, or with exclusive weapons, or any other of those offered above.

The math is simple here. Premium features gives you opportunity to have a general, and all upgrades that come with him. He adds lots of power and mobility to your units, making them stronger and with wider range. It is a lot easier to win with premium features on. So, it is obvious that those will help you earn strategy points faster.

Definitely, premium packages will help you earn strategy points (SP) faster.

You can make a purchase using your PayPal, credit card, or via SMS service. 

atWar: Invite Users (Friends) to Earn More Strategy Points

Invite your friends to atWar (Afterwind) to help you earn Strategy Points faster!

Indeed, friends can help a lot here. Every new played invited to atWar through your link brings you extra SP. Why not try it? You can earn significant amount of SP this way. 


I started using this method to improve my SP income, and to be honest, this is the best method to do it, so far. Share your link to atWar games through e-mail, forum posts, articles about this awesome strategy browser game, or write blog post (like I did here).

Here is what administrators there say about this method:
atWar is more fun when played with friends! Introduce them to the game and get half of the SP they earn in the first week! Don't worry, it won't be deducted from their points. Additionally, your friends will get 100 SP after registration, to get them started! Max. reward for each introduced friend is 5000 SP.
More interesting links about atWar:

atwar afterwind premium packages features

Play duels is you want to earn Strategy Points faster in atWar

Did you know that duel can earn you extra SP? Well, now you do, so there is no reason no to try this method out!

This is really effective way to gain SP faster. You can challenge an other play while playing team game on (lets say) world map, or you can create duel games for two players. If you beat your opponent you earn extra points which are added to SP already gained in battles.

Your opponent will loose some amount of strategy points, so it makes it double gain, I guess. ㋡

I hope you have found this post about How to Earn Strategy Points (SP) Faster useful. If so, please share it, and leave a comment. Thank you!

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