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atWar: New Generation of Risk-Like Games

Find the latest information about atWar: the best risk-like war game on the net. Earlier known as Afterwind, atWar changes its look and improves its interface for better playing experience. Enjoy this turn based strategy created in best tradition of famous Risk and Civilization franchise.

AtWar is a new name for relatively new strategy game Afterwind.I was writing about Afterwind earlier on other places. This turn based war game, played on realistic world map, succeeded to bring Risk and Civilization games together in the best possible way.

atWar risk like strategy online browser game
atWar: front page screen shot.
Play Risk on outstandingly improved maps! Try it now! Log in to atWar and PLAY atWar NOW
Remember: Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories. 
Sun Tzu
Do you remember times when Risk was must-have board game? I grow up playing Risk, and later that place was taken by Civilization franchise. I am fan of strategy game, and those two are classics. I was surprised when I stumbled upon the Afterwind for the first time. Its graphic, idea, variety of the maps, everything just overwhelmed me.

Afterwind: World-Map-Based Game
Since Afterwind is an old story now, I suggest you to follow this link and read about its origins there. The most important principles of AW have been transferred to atWar (playing tactics, creating maps, attack and defense review...)
Play Sky Menace and Rule the World. Here is the guide!
AtWar, formerly known as Afterwind is Risk like browser war game. One of its the most famous strategies is Sky Menace. It is the most used strategy in this free-to-play, turn-based MMO game. Do you want to know how to conquer world map using Sky Menace in atWar? If so, then keep reading!
At the time it was surprising me how could it be this awesome game didn't come on my radar earlier? It was 2 years old then, and it should have become wide known among us geeks. I guess their pr service did wrong (if any) marketing to promote this cool new war online game, played on realistic world map.
What is this game all about?

Play war matches on every possible map (from world maps to custom maps)

AtWar brings wide palette of maps you can fight on. I prefer Europe +, but maybe you will choose world map, or Eurasia, Africa, or you will decide to create a custom map. It is really up to you. Only imagination is the limit. Dozens and dozens maps are waiting for you to conquer them.

In this awesome risk like game, you can play various maps. Be a general of an existing country and conquer any continent, or a whole world. Or you can create new history starting from a Greek Polis. Conquer the whole Middle Earth, Galaxy... The possibilities are endless, and it is really just up to you to choose the right that suits your gaming preferences.

atWar afterwind world map game risk like browser war game

Earlier, in Afterwind, the games were played on realistic world maps only. You were able to choose among dozen of the maps to play (world, Europe, Asia, Euroasia, Africa, America, Oceania...) With this update and, lets say it: complete facelift, hundreds of new map options are added. Now you are not limited to offered maps, but you CAN CREATE YOUR OWN MAPS to play them. Isn't that just great thing?

Upload map of your country, scale it to the max, and then draw borders and place cities. Make your own country a playable scenario! Others are using maps such as Middle Earth to create an extraordinary matches. They even create the new troops, add new options, etc. Really, the possibilities are endless. With this facelift, atWar really jumped a lot ahead of AW. It is based on Risk, and Civilization, but it is a century ahead of those games. Fans of Risk won't regret trying out this online war game played on realistic world/custom maps.

Play atWar with your friends, make alliances, grab enemy territories, rule the world!

Diplomacy plays the most important role in atWar. You are not only able to create an alliance with your fellow players, but also to share resources, defend ally territories, help conquering enemy lands, etc. You will make some great friendships there, maybe even join some coalition and play games with your coalition mates. Of course, for those more experienced ones, playing solo is just as good option.

What makes this game awesome is the freedom it gives you!
Lets say you are starting as Germany. It is rich country and gives lots of troops for the start of the match. You can in few turns rule the Europe, and collect an impressive amounts of money. You can send troops overseas to fight with Americans, while creating alliance with some player on Middle East (lets say he is Israel). Your ally has conquered Middle East, has lots of troops, but lacks money to fight Asia. You, as a rich European, can send him money to keep China busy, while you are fighting Americans. Diplomacy is crucial in atWar. There are plenty ways of how to use it as your advantage. It is up to you to choose your best diplomatic options.

Right choice for fans of online war games. Play world war matches on detailed world map!

AtWar is perfect for those who love fast, time non-consuming online games. Over all, this is great strategy which gives you freedom to build your own strategy in many ways. You are not limited by game rules, but you can act as real general and plan out every battle in your own manner. Why don't you try it, GENERAL?

I play this game for a long time, and for all that time, my favorite map was Whole World Map. I am sure every player has their favorite map. I love long paced war games, with 20 players. This brings world war to the next level. This way you have even more opportunities for diplomacy, more enemies- which brings more fight, and more strategy points... It is so breath taking when you see someone sends hundreds of tanks and airplanes overseas to attack you, and you have only few turns to defend. Or otherwise.. :)

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